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  1. Well, I'm from WV of all places and I don't like talking to people that I'm not familiar with so here's my pic. I'm a soon to be 25 yr old and I'm a nurse that has smoked for almost 13 yrs now. Anyone from around here or close let me know. And I know I'm not the most beautiful person in the world and I'm short (5 ft tall) but us redheads can be lots of fun. LOL.

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  2. Heya Flowerchild (Love the name)

    Welcome to the City :) Hope you like it around here :)
  3. Welcome, have fun here!!!!!
  4. Welcome to the city. I hope ya stay around a while.

    What part of WV are you from? I have some ex in laws in Nolan and Williamson. I was up there over the weekend.
  5. oh no, not another one of these!!

  6. Now that was un called for!!!!!!

    Please reframe from these types of remarks!

  7. damn man...that was a joke, I didn't even think anyone could think otherwise. wasn't meant to be offensive or thought could be.

  8. There was no reason for that comment. Replies like that gets shit started and we are trying to keep things running smooth.
  9. ok, guess I understand, well not really, errr, but ok, back to what this thread was meant for
  10. welcome to the city, girl! hope ya enjoy it here!~
  11. welcome hopefully you like it here and stay. My gfs a redhead, hehe redheads are always fun :)
  12. hi, welcome to the city. i lived in Martinsburg, WV a few years back. are you anywhere around there?

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