Hi this is my first time growing. late start and not much sun at all. They smell amazing

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    Anyone have a suggestion on how much longer I should give them? I know lack of light n sun is making for not much to b smoked. They've been on my apt balcony which only gets em like two or three hours of good sun if not raining. I bring Em in at night n cover with black blanket to keep night lights out n hopes this will help them swell? ?? My neighbor just loaned me a light today but I think I needed it quite awhile ago. I'm learning a lot for a professional smoker ;) lol. I would love any suggestions anyone can offer. Do you think these ladies have any more chance to swell? Or just forget it? Thank you in advance n have a groovy Day :) Also.. Any suggestions on hiding smell when I bring inside?? I thought I was covering the smell pretty well with smelly black licorice.. But friend just came over n guess is still quite obvious when ya walk m in my front door...oopsie

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  2. You have lots to learn . Never grew under your situation ! A week before you harvest , feed them just water . Enjoy & read a lot ! Lol take care !
  3. Cool. I'm imagining how it smell. Anyway, help yourself know more about growing cannabis, proper environment, and what makes marijuana plants happy. Make sure to not over water the plants and get a good drainage. Also, supply the your precious weed with enough light. Without light, the plants cannot grow.
  4. They need 12 hours of complete darkness every day while flowering. Can you take a close up of the buds?

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