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  1. Hey, I'm Sammi...
    I've never smoked pot... but I'm going to do it for the first time next week! Can you guys give me the 411 and things I should know before doing it?:smoke:
  2. Hey sammi i hope its ok to post here am a newbi as well :smoke:

    I have been smoking 4 a year now been good times can tell you tht one thing is i can say make sure your in a comforable enviroment cause i remember my 1st time i took a hit it was in a garage and there was no bloddy seats felt like i had no legs to stand on :p but seriouli nevr looked back

    Peace :)
  3. hey sammi,
    what id recommend is having a couch, good music (psychedelic rock, hip hop, reggae...etc), having good food later that evening, and a good film. And just like markspawn said, just be comfortable.
    Things you should know... well you probably know that but just in case. Take puff, hold it in for as long as you can, and then breathe it out. You might want to cough but try not to until all smoke is out of your lungs. If you cough the smoke out, itll give u a burning feeling. No need for that ;)
    Have fun!!! :smoke:
  4. thank you guys :) thats really helpful

    about how long does the high last on your first time?
  5. Hello again :smoke:

    It really just depends on th person that is taking it and the strenth of the grass/hash that you are supplied with. the high could last 30mins to 90mins but you can start to feel the affects of the drug within the 1st 5-10 mins:rolleyes: And when your baked just enjoy ureself as the 1st hit is the best :yay:


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