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hi there:)! im new to GC and i was just wondering...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tashtego, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. ...if anyone new what strain this is? [​IMG] V different light ^ [​IMG]
  2. Welcome to the city bro! :D

    Theres really no way to tell a strain by just looking at it. Looks dank though lol
  3. no sir nobody knows because you cannot tell a strain just by looking at it

    i wish we were that good

  4. What I can tell you, is that the coin you have there is a United States 10 cent piece, commonly known as a "dime".

    So at least we got something for ya! ;):p

    I'm just busting your balls, dude. Welcome to the City. :D

  5. Woah i was wondering what that odd metal coin was called lol ;)

  6. Well, they are pretty rare here in Portland. We're more the "quarter" kinda people...

  7. Asking us what's the name of strain of the bud just by looking at it is like putting a picture of a shot vodak or any other alcoholic beverage and asking what brand it is.can't be done.
  8. ^^That.

    I recently bought a q of chronic, and in the pictures, (taken w/ my phone), it looks like a q of mexican bown. I can assure you, it's not brown bud. (I could smell it through a sealed bag 2ft away from my face). It's chronic, and the crappy pictures I took give no indications of it, (other then how much I got, because I used tape measures to give proper dimensions of my recent purchase). (4"x4" square, and I have a couple buds that are as long as my middle finger, and 3 fingers thick).
  9. I'm 100% that is a plant called Cannibis. I just kid man welcome to the city and that looks like some dank bud. Fuck the strain get high and make a name up for it., like very berry orange harry.
  10. Looks like some dank bud man, nice pick up. Welcome to the city
  11. welcome to the city man. from that picture it looks like you got some marijuana. GOOD FIND lol
  12. welcom to grass city man, HIT THAT SH!T UP, sadly i found out today that my last 4 pick ups were laced with
  13. I second that, thats the funnest part of picking up lmao. Nice name btw
  14. looks like some bomb nug:smoking:

  15. whats it like smoking weed laced with coke? seems like a thing you'd notice you know?
  16. lol shit....I wouldnt complain haha

  17. OP here,

    hey i love quarters!, mayby move to portland...:p

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