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  1. Hello everybody! My name is Brooke and I'm from Canada here I'm so new to all of this literally completely and looking to get all the advice I could get and open to all ways:) I got gorilla glue # 4 auto feminsed so thing is my third was stunted (thinking I have nutrients too young) and I have a very Jimmy rigged set up I'm wondering if I should run a few more sets of lights over my girls for now and save up for a more costly set up? im also wondering would be my best bet for a more permanent long term light setup? Whats your options guys? High pressure sodium or leds? I don't want to spend a ton all at once and slowly get the ideal end result. So I was also given a clone of Bubba Kush which was given to me in bloom so I had all 4 under 24hr light and got theclone back into veg. and yesterday I made the decision to put my clone and the stunted plant outside as I started 12h dark with the two that are starting to flower, I also got the bloom feed yesterday and also fed with some boiled down molaosis we will see how it goes and honestly looking for all the advice I could get thanks so much everybody :D lol I literally used what I had lol in a pinch to set it up lol IMG_20190802_011149.jpg IMG_20190731_063621.jpg IMG_20190801_074814.jpg IMG_20190801_150143.jpg IMG_20190730_105121.jpg

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  2. hi fellow Canadian!
    congrats on your first grow they look great! I could not believe it when I saw you were using those CFL bulbs you did a very good job!!! OK now if you put your plant outside they will flower as well days getting shorter and you should not put your Auto under 12-12 keep it under 18-6. As far as lighting I recommend look on Amazon for Vivosun light kit. I really like their 199$ kit with air cool hood, digital ballast both HPS and MH 400w and all you need to install is included. Best light for bucks. Don't settle for a cheap LED.
    happy growing and welcome to the forum!
  3. if your growing under cfl 20/4 will give you a pleasant surprise although cannabis plants in general do not actually require a dark period they are a c3 plant
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  4. C3 plants??!! ok gotta check it out thanks for that !
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  5. np its all the truth :)

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