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  1. no doubt theres a few heads here i know or who know me, i send peace and love to all known and unknown, friends and friends to be.
    my name is ripz and i'm a pothead :hello:
    i am currently working on a few projects, i breed for the mota militia and my own company pot pimp seeds. i also enjoy growing substantial amounts of herb. i am based in the uk but work in conjunction with a lot of american growers and am lucky enough to have access to most usa genetics. i have been growing for ten years and im comfortable with soil,coco or hydro
    i will add a coupla pics to this thread for fun until i get a grow thread posted.
    looking forward to getting to know you all and helping out wherever possible.

    peace and biscuits


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  2. welcome to the city man
    P.S. those are some nice ass buds
  3. thankyou dr phillips :)
  4. Welcome, Ripz :)

    Just wanted to say hello to a fellow newbie.

    P.S. It's really unfair to show those beauutiful buds when I'm smoking stale, old, seed-infested crap since I am currently without supplier :(

    Glad to ya have here, anyway though.
  5. thanks indygirl shame about your smoke, isnt there any dispensaries in your area?
    i was gonna put up some pics of the buds im smoking but i think i'll leave it lol
  6. Well, I have no clue honestly. I just started smoking regularly about 4 months ago and had been getting it from the same person who was already a friend. But he decided to quit smoking and selling...now I'm making the few little bits I have left last me. Honestly, I have no idea where to go now... *sigh* And I sure as hell don't want to quit!
  7. shame your in a different country but im sure there'll be someone, find out who your friend gets his off and grow hard you cant beat being self sufficent :)
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    Yeah, he won't tell me who he used to buy off of because he found God and apparently thinks God would be mad at him if he "enabled" me to smoke....so...that's dried up....none of my other friends smoke.... in an apartment with no space or resources to grow my own...not to mention landlord does apartment checks...so...sometimes, I want to hop a jet back to Amsterdam :)
  9. amsterdam rocks:hello:
  10. Those plants look amazing good job :) I'm also new to the board... guess I should say high :)
  11. Wow! Just another person lusting over those beautiful plants. I wish I had access to something like that. :) Probably couldn't afford it right now anyway, haha.

    Welcome! I'm new too, but much less experienced.
  12. thanks leafin and xbelle nice to meet u :)
    those buds are nothing lol once i feel at home here i'll get some pics up of my rooms :D

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