HI-RES PICS-Aquatic Brand Glass (Locally Blown, 2 FT) + Milk-Vids

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    I got this bong for 120$, originally priced at 180$. The guy who blows it, lives around these parts of the appalachian mountains and his alias is, "Aquatic". So, all of his work is called, Aquatic Glass. He actually lives very close to me. Anyway, his work is amazing, and I got an awsome deal. The bowl it originally came with was just a dry glass cone slider, but, I managed to swap it for an ash-catcher, free of charge. The colors of the bong are very pastel like and psychedelic.

    Please tell me what you guys think! I, for one really like it but I would totally love your opinions', GC! Hope everyone is having a great night! :hello:

    I managed to take some milkshots too!

    Technically only the body of the bong is locally blown, the downstem and a/c are not.
    Also, it is color changing. It appears yellow and then when you change it's angle it has a blue/green hue to it. Also, it's heavy as fuck.





  2. nice tube man. not a bad price with that a/c too.
  3. sweet new tube, it's not often you see fumed glass on a big GonG tube like that.
  4. sick tube bro have a good one!
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    Here is a video I made earlier this morning of me milking up the bong.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCp5tV4bx2w]YouTube - New[/ame]

    Thanks for the comments guys. I could have gotten a ROOR at the LHS I go to, but I've smoked ROORs before, and I know how they hit: just like this one. I thought, should I get a clear non-artistic piece that hits the same as this? I always like to support local glass blowers, too. Roor is a corporation.
  6. Yeah man you stick it to RooR, Toro, and the big guys!

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