Hi. Question about Dr's Recommendation and Dispensary

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  1. Hi. I'm new here and last week got a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana, It takes about four weeks for the department of health in Florida to send me my card. Anyway, on the registry website, I see the doctor's recoomendation says 'inhalation', He mentioned hybrid to me.

    My questions is: When I get my card to go to the dispensary, will I only be able to get a vaping device with hybrid strains? Do they usually let you buy other things, such as CBD oil or an indica strain?
    Any help you can give me will be appreciated?
  2. for the most part i think it's a blanket you can buy anything.
  3. In California, if you have 1 hour and $40. You can get stoned for free legally (1 time). The doc give you a rec on the spot and a coupon for a free house joint at the dispensary around the corner.
  4. A 40$ joint huh.. Seems legit

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  5. lmao $40 for the rec up until January. January 2018, you can walk into any dispensary, slap your cash down and walk out with the goods just like 7-11.
  6. Sounds great. Unfortunately I'm in Florida.
  7. I will pray for you. They do not know how to count votes in Florida.

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