Hi Pot Heads

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by effedUP, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. Iam new here just wanted to say Hi

  2. HIGH!!!

    Welcome to the City!!!!
  3. A High comin' back at you effedUP.

    I'm new too, and I thought I'd use effedUP's thread instead of starting my own. Yeah, I'm lazy---what can I say.
  4. Welcome to the both of you's then.....kick back relax and hit the bong again....Peace out...Sid :-~
  5. Hi High Hi ! Choke on a toke and repeat that 4X....

    Be a friendly stranger and smoke it up....hold no more than 15 secs on your next toke.....

    Makesome and you breaksome, those indica crumbs on your bowl, sending sweet signals to your neurons....

    Till next time..


  7. haha you read my mind man!
  8. Any one else notice this thread is about a year old? :)
  9. nope but im flying round the forums with bob marley playing down my ear :D
  10. Oh my its been more than two years since my last post here.
    ....where has the time gone?

    I people.


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