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  1. hello all , new here.... tho been reading posts here for quite a while now....
    just registered and , as I have something to say have decided to do my first post :)
    and it goes like this ....
    hey guys...
    i wonder if any of you have noticed this in your plants..
    yesterday i topped my 2 Nirvana Freebie's that i have sustained and watched over constantly for the last 24 days... both females as decided by the pre-flowers and with 5 lovely branch sets , yet still only about 10 inches tall.... happy sativa's from the word go and very strong growth... well with the amount of attention they get , why wouldnt they?
    so anyway.... i topped them just before beddy byes for them... then after a few hours of light , they started to give out a rather offensive mustard like smell that got worse till i last looked (and smelt) just before bedtime..
    I know what i think this is.... i wonder what the opinion of others is .... these plants are making defensive chemicals after being partially eaten by a predator ( my topping ) ... its an amazing smell , and if i was a potential predator , it would sure put me off taking another bite !!
    what say you revered sage's ???

  2. oh and just for fun , I stuck those tops into pure coir within a nanosecond of breaking them off... placed em in my magic led clone machine and 39 hours later , I still think they haven't worked out they not still on the plant :0 !!... no rooting powder or anything..... just good temps and good light.... what say you.... if anything??

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