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  1. Hi, I'm completely new to the site, although my husband (seasoned vet of all things cannabis) has told me all about it! I smoke to help balance my emotions, and I enjoy the eats to heal my body. I'm politically motivated and I feel that America needs to 'wake up' and demand their freedoms. I am a peacemaker, though. :confused: I guess I just embody a little bit of the spirit of rebellion and a little bit non-confrontational. I am driven by the need to help others in any way I can. This is been a part of who I am since I was just a child. I have vivid, detailed dreams every night (for almost 10 years) of revolution. I dream of fighting for it. It scares me and empowers me. Nobody ever got freedom by submission, and those who would not demand it, do not deserve to pass it their children. I am an artist and a mother. I am a wife to my awesome husband of 10 years. I am a freedom fighter.
  2. viva la revalucion!

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