HI!...Nice Forum & site.

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  1. V.nice site and forums. Glad Ganjacat told me about this place. loads better than Overgrow.

    I'm an activist (into the dirty politics, the history and the science) and a toker too. Love joints, the art of rolling and social spliffs. Love bongs even more though. :D I'm a digital Artist, making images animations music etc. Been toking for only about 3+ years and have been into teacher drugs for longer (magic mushrooms, LSD and i wanna try salvia divinorum sometime too). My use of cannabis is now almost stricktly for medicinal use (although it didn't start out as such) as you'll no doubt read about from me in the future.

    I'll leave my introduction at that for now or else i might have nothing else to chat about (unlikely).

  2. Welcome! good to see new people coming in!

  3. Yo Digit!

    Good to see you made it here.

    Share & enjoy!

  4. High Digit <image src="http://www.panheadsplace.com/smilies/wave.gif">

    Welcome..We hope you enjoy the forums..If you got any Q's then just ask..You stay cool an grow big Budz..:D:D:D

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  5. there is LOTS to talk about here like....um,..... grass and.... other stuff. jk welcome

  6. My new life in 'toker's paradise' (Holland) has taken a few unwanted twists lately, but either due to strange coincidence or divine intervention I now find myself involved in a very interesting project regarding what Digit refers to as 'teacher drugs'. <http://www.sarashouse.tk >

    We refer to them here as 'Shamanistic Psycho-Botanicals' (SPB's) and their effects as 'Gateway Experiences' in order to avoid pre-judging what people should expect to get out of them - For some they are a gateway to 'external' wisdom (God, Gaia, the 'Cosmic Mind' etc) whilst others see the the experiences as being generated purely from within themselves.

    Because this is in effect a new subject, I've started a new thread for discussions about the experiencial, moral, legal, pychological & theological implications of them HERE. http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27628

    Hoping for some lively debate!

  7. That's what I was thinking too Woody!! D: Welcome again Digi Boy!!

  8. well that was your fault. you ran away for ages. lol.
    and i'll try to keep it quiet that i ran away for ages when i was in Dundee.

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