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  1. Hello,

    I am new here, a friend of mine wanted me to ask about this, first try..!
    Here is their description of the project:

    They are autos, feminized, 7 of afghan kush from WOS, and 5 of northern lights cross (uncertain about supplier).
    They were germinated 8-9 weeks ago then placed in some light fert'ed mix soil and have been receiving bioGrow from week 3, until the flowers appeared and now switched to bioBloom.

    2011-05-03 01.38.44.jpg

    They grew up under 250W 6400k "blue" CFL, and are now under a 2700k "red" 250W CFL since the flowering started.
    CFL is on 18hours a day.
    There is also a 90W UFO which comes on for 14 hours a day in the middle, to give them an extra transition between night and day (and extra boost in middle!).

    They have only had bottom branches pruned, unfortunately once the flowering had started, about 2-3 weeks ago.
    The seed bank recommended the Afghan Kush Ryder would be 12-18 inches,
    well ... at the back there is one over 27inches!
    So, they are growing wildly all about the place and there are a few questions to put out there!

    Q1: The close up pic of one top shows in the lower middle of the image a pale green / yellow leaf tip.
    This is new, any ideas what it could be? Only that one plant has it on most upper leaves. I was thinking over fert? its at least 6 inches from the CFL.

    2011-05-03 01.38.27.jpg

    Q2: Some stems seem to have a red streak that I have started noticing. I think its on all the AKR. Is this natural or could be a phosphorous problem? or something else? BioBloom is ( N : P : K ) ( 2 : 6 : 3.5 ).

    2011-05-03 01.38.09.jpg

    Q2: Is it a good idea to trim any more from lower down on any of these?
    Its a tight spot and feels fully loaded already with several weeks of flowering left.

    Q3: Why are these ladies so tall and thin? Ferts have been as instructions, are organic. Nothing so special here! Looking a lot different to other AKR images out there... Comparing to so many forums already out there and all other ryders seem to be shorter with close stem nodes...?

    2011-04-30 18.25.50.jpg


    Thanks for reading and please any ideas or thoughts are much appreciated! Anything you need to know please ask.

  2. I thought AK and NL were both heavy indica strains. You're pics look to be more sativa.

    1. I agree, looks like fert burn to me. But its not time to panic. You're other colours are great!
    2. (a) This is only a guess but how are the temps? a little too cold, how sure are you about the strain again? Some of the purples will change faster if exposed to colder temps
    2. (b) NO don't trim anything, leave them
    3. Fuck if i know! To be 100% honest you sound like you know exactly what you are doing. i would like to know aswell!
  3. Looks great. Dont over crowd next time. Trim only leaves that are on top of each other on the bottom so you dont get mildew. and its probably a sativa cross
  4. oh, and if you foiler spray during veg that will make your leaves broader

  5. Hi Gummby! Thnx for being first to reply (and hi to everyone).
    Really sweet to get so many replies just while I had my morning sleepin after a very late night..!

    1. Right, cool, fert burn is ok i give a tiny bit each day and noone else in there is complaining.. so I will water only on that one for a while.

    2. Temp has been always above 62-63F. average 70F and sometimes up to 75F. But it has fluctuated quite a bit over 2 months.
    Seven are world of seeds fem afghan kush ryder and 7 out of 10 popped up (partly coz they were left too long in water, it is thought...)
    Five are "Automatic" by BigBudda and from a 10 pack five died. Supposedly a northern lights cross so thats a sativa right? doh! I am not sure.
    Maybe these are unstable genetics?
    -- got it, didnt really wanna trim, wont do.

    3. lol... modesty and honesty, we need more of in this world, thanks!
    I think the lights were originally too high early on, that might have made them skinnier, the story goes that they seemed slow to start and the light was raised, and this made them grow taller. Now they are in close again about 6-9 inch from tops. I will see what my friend is sayin and update soon!


  6. Hi gokukamaya, you are my second ever reply, thanks!
    yes, it is too crowded, it was assumed they would be half the height...!
    I read somewhere that its good to trim a bit more before flower which was my friends mistake here I think.
    These get misted with filtered tap water, do you think thats ok to do twice a day?
    The light and fan dries it all off within half an hour so there is no sign of damp etc...
  7. Right on, keep that light just as close as you can get it without burning. The temps should be fine. Ive used world of seeds in a past with great results. I'm sure you're genetics are fine. The light being too far away at the begining explains the streching

    Its best to hold off on the misting now that they are budding. When you say you are using filtered tap water thats a bit of a red flag. Tap water is fine as long as you let it sit for a while before applying it. But its rather nasty if you use without letting the chemicals in the water break down.

    Keep us posted

  8. Ya, great to know about wos thanks! ;)
    the filtered tap water is left for a minimum 24 hours in open container, indeed...
    Will do an update when my friend is ready

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