Hi, newbie needs advice!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AirBalloon, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Hey, new grower here, I've had some spots show up on my plants the last 4-5 days. Not much, but one leaf seems pretty damaged.


    Anyone know what it might be?


    Its Super Skunk and they are 3 weeks old. My first time so I have no idea if they look "ok" for their age either :p
  2. They're looking great!

    You sure you didn't just drool on that leaf and the light burned it? LOL

    Seriously though... I don't recognize that right off the bat... let me check the guide over here

    Hrmmm.... I checked the problem plant guides and can't find anything that causes spots like that... I'm still thinking you're drooling is a problem?
  3. Throw some egg shells on dem hoes
  4. that seems very small for 3 weeks are you giving it all the nutrients it needs? It might have a magnesium deficiency so i would add a little epsom salt... you might have a nutrient lock out where your pots are not draining so I would put holes in the bottom if you dont have them.. I would flush the soil in your bathtub or with a hose for a minute.. Helping your pH and salt buildups, and add fresh nutrients as a tea.. only use good nutrients that are for the growth of edible plants. For some reason they look really good though so I wouldn't stress yet all plants have to drop leaves and get spotty here and there, so expect little problems thats what makes you more experienced.

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