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  1. My name is Jared and to clarify, yes, I am 18 years of age. I'm originally from upstate New York but i've lived in North Carolina most of my life. I'm an experienced toker so I probably won't be asking for much advice, but rather giving it :) I've checked out other forums and this one I seem to like the most. I'm into all kinds of music from classical to death metal so i'm pretty open to music discussion, but I HATE rap and country. Old school rap is good though. So yeah drop a line and I hope to get to know some of you better! :smoking:
  2. Welcome dude. You got any pieces?
  3. Nah for now i'm all homemade haha but soon i'm trying to buy a nifty glass bowl up at the mall I live near.
  4. Nice. My first piece was a bowl I bought at a mall for $25. Abby's been with me ever since.
  5. You realize there is an introduction section, right? It's cool though, welcome to the City, my friend:hello:! Since we're in piece discussions, my first was a small oldschool metal pipe, about 3 inches. I stole it from my dad but 3 years later he found out I smoked and didn't care:D. It's a quality pipe still, it's yet to get hot even to people who torch the bowl. Anyway though, hope to see you stick around!
  6. haha no way. How long has your dad smoked?
  7. Haha yeah I the first thing I read was the apprentice section and it says that it's good for people who want to introduce themselves too but then i went back and saw the intro section and was like shit! haha. Yeah sometimes i'd smoke out of my dads metal pipe. I wish he'd hurry up and catch me one day because I know he wouldn't care lol. I hate using tin foil and stuff there's been numerous times where i'd burn my lips or my fingers but my and my friends get a good laugh out of it when it happens haha. I got all kinds of plastic bottles with pieces in 'em and stuff. I'm trying to get my hands on some good pvc pipe and craft a mighty bong out of it :hello: my cousin made one and it hits like a champ. I'm definitely stickin' around this forum looks alot more active then all the other ones.
  8. dude, tin foil? haha wow.

    if you're making a PVC bong, make sure the bowl/stem are metal. burning PVC is horrible on your lungs.
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    I remember having to do that all the time. After a while I pretty much made an art out of it. I had like a whole cardboard box full of home-made pipes, bongs, and steamrollers haha. Out of all the parts to use, PVC pipes are probably the best. A well-made steamroller hits pretty hardcore, and probably the easiest to make.
  10. haha well i always make sure its packed good so im not burning the metal around it, and there's so much damn resin built up in that thing you can hit that thing for days but yeah i've only used it a couple times, and i'm about to stop i really don't like the idea of it. Yeah i know im always careful about that. Shit would suck to inhale a cloud full of plastic fumes haha. I actually had this bottle once with this plastic cap, and it was the whole drain the water while lighting it deal, and one time the metal piece got really hot and i guess started melting the plastic, but luckily it didnt get it to the point where it started creating smoke. I didn't taste anything out of the ordinary when I blessed my lungs. But yeah pvc is the way to go for homemade bongs.
  11. actually if you have the time, drilling a hole in a glass vase is the way to go

    my other homemades sucked compared to this one, ive been using it a lot lately and it is definitely worth the time I put into it.

    peace :smoking:

  12. I'm having to go homemade right now for stealth purposes (at parent's place). I have a small plastic water pipe that I easily hide in a Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey tin can. My friend has my bongs and vaporizer (man how I miss those babies).

    But anyways, I wanted to drop in and say Hi- I did a search on North Carolina and found your post. I just made an introduction if you'd like to check it out- it's nice to find locals with similar interests :)

    Take care!

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