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    I have 10 feminized white cookies. Soil grow. 600watt G8 LED. 5x10x8 harvest area (I know my 600 watt is too small for this space. Was thinking of using 5x5x8?). 5x12x8 veg room. I have exhaust fans and Co2. I pretty much get the principles of a grow room.

    For the best yield, in the fastest time, how many plants should I harvest at once? How many mothers should I keep and how many clones per mother should I take in what amount of time? How long should I veg these clones? What size pots should I use?

    I have grown before but it has been over half a decade. I had three harvests, I loved it. Every harvest got better.
  2. How many watts does that light use? That figure will determine how much area it will cover.

    I would forget about co2. Adding co2 is only worth it if you have very high intensity light and all the conditions spot on. It's complicated to run as you need to shut off the ventilation when introducing the co2 and still need to control the temperature. There is plenty of co2 in fresh air for most people's set ups.

    1. All of them.
    2. One of each strain.
    3. The amount you need, when you have room for them.
    4. It depends on how big you want them to be.
    5. It depends on how big the plants will finish up.

    How many plants are you planning to have under this light?
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    Exhaust fans and co2 don't mix. All you're doing is exhausting the co2 right out of your grow before the plant can do anything with it. Co2 supplimentation needs to be done in a sealed controlled grow. Plus without large enough lights your plants will not benefit from the added suplimentation. Co2 is the absolute last thing to mess with until your grow is dialed in. Please don't say it's the home made yeast and sugar bs. That's a complete waste of time. A buddy of mine with a meter showed me how much of a waste it was when I thought it was the shit

    Also you don't have to keep mothers. I don't have the space or want to waste the resources. I just take clones from 1 generation to supply the next.

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