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hi, new here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by forestgrrrl, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. hi folks, i'm a newbie, i use medical marijuanaand I live in Arizona, where they make you feel like a criminal. Damn Republicans!!!!! Anyway, nice to find a place to talk to others about that and just stuff. Hope to chat with y'all soon and thanks for the sight and the forums.
  2. thanks for the welcome and pleased to make your acquaintance :) what state are you from? I'm in the DRY desert
  3. Welcome to the city.[​IMG]
  4. Welcome to the city :)
  5. Welcome to the stoners city.. Get stoned and join in!
  6. um....high!

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  7. waddup girl im from cali
  8. Better late than never, lol. Welcome to the City!!! :D
  9. Sup. Welcome. Bye.

    Soutwest rules. Vegas

    hook me some of that medical. PLEASE.
  10. Welcome to the city of love because we love what we do?

    Yes smoke the Weed!!

    See Yaa
  11. hiya...nice ta meet ya
  12. Welcome to a very cool City!!! :D
  13. . . . hey . . .

  14. Hey is that all you have to say about yourself then you weed smoker?
  15. um, yeah.

    you guys are super chill I love you all
  16. Nice one brother!!!!!!!

    Are you a green finger man then my-friend?
  17. green finger?

    uh, if its cool i guess so but i don't grow my own shit man

    I went to the cypress hill smokeout concert and got some bruises, for some reason they are more green than blue its a trip

  18. What did you think of the cypress hill smokeout concert????

    See Yaa
  19. it was really sweet

    but the first band playing was hatebreed and i went in the mosh pit and got punched in the nose and then i spit out part of my septum

    after that i was really tired but at least some girl gave me a shirt that i could use to absorb all of the blood

    the rest of the concert was really cool

    cypress hill was awesome and so were pennywise and xibit was the 4:20 guest it was sweet

    to bad i got really tired i felt dead after being mushed between thousands of people for like 8 hours i don't know about going to any more concerts for a while
  20. Sorry!!!!

    But it sounds like you got your arse wooped??
    From the sounds of what you tell me it puts me off going to a concert.

    Any more thought's on becoming a gardener?

    See Yaa

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