Hi, new here, looking for a seed recommendation.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Green Manalishi, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm going to be starting a grow here in FL soon outdoors. Ive basically decided on Dutch Passion WW... and im looking for 1 more strandto buy. Any recommendations of something with a high amount of thc, low odor, and a good yielder that would give a good compliment and a uniquely different type of high than the WW? Im a beginner in growing also so something that is easier would be nice. Something thats relatively cheap too.. under 80$.

    Im also having trouble choosing between Seed Botique and Dr. Chronic as a place to buy.. any reasons why one would be better than the other in shipping security and service?

    Thanks alot
  2. I am a very happy Dr Chronic customer. I mailed in cash with my order form and had the seeds in hand in 7 days form the day I dropped the order in the mail. I live in the east coast USA. Doc is a pleasure to do business with.

    peace and good luck
  3. No. Take a long straw and a short straw and put them in your hand. Designate them to the banks and then draw. You'll find that people are divided pretty much 50/50 in their loyalty to the 2, and they're both very good and reliable. That also used to be shared with Heaven's Stairway, but that's another story. Just pick one or the other and then cross your fingers.:smoke:
  4. Is Dr. Chronic a secure webpage? It says it is but there is no lock on my broswer.
  5. i tried ordering from dr chronic and it said paypal account inactive for them. so i dont think it is still running. if anyone knows different can you please let me no cheers

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