Hi! My plants seems to be dying!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by xn33k0x, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Would anyone know what would cause this?
  2. You need to fill us in a little more on how you are caring for these plants....watering schedule, how do you know when they're ready to water, do you pH the water you give, what kind of soil are you growing them in, lighting, etc. Just anything that will give more clues to what might be up. I see right off the bat that the soil you have these growing in is way way short on perlite. These plants do not like to sit in moist conditions and require a light and arid soil for good drainage and ease of root growth. The perlite does the trick on that and your soil should be about a 60/40 soil/perlite mix. If you'v'e not been letting these containers dry out almost to dead dry before you water, you've been watering too much and that very likely could be your problem. If you've not been managing the pH of the water you give these plants, that could be your problem. The pH of water given to plants in a soil grow should be adjusted to a range of 6.3 to 6.7 or it can lock up the roots of your plants and they can't take in nutrition. You're not using filtered water to water them are you? If so, stop. Just use plain old tap water in your plants. If you're in the U.S., chlorine isn't an issue anymore. They switched to using chloramine in treatment plants now and it doesn't evaporate nor is there enough of it in tap water to harm your plants. There are also vital micronutrients in tap water that these plants need and use and people who water with heavily filtered water end up getting weird deficiencies that nobody else gets. So see, there's a ton of things it could be. Just need more info to figure it out. Whatever it is, it's not much because overall, they look pretty good. There are lots of great growers on the site who can help you figure it out though. TWW
  3. Hi, thanks for the answer. im using a 250w CFL which are about 4-5 in away from the plants, i water when i feel the pot is getting lighter.. i did use some miracle grow fertilizer but only a tiny amount, also i use tap water but i dont check the ph of it, everything was working fine for a week and half though. So it's probably not the water the problem. I had to cut like 3-4 leaves off the plants that i thought would use too much ressource and were a lost cause
  4. What kind of soil are you using? It does look like they might be over-fertilized a bit, but like TWW said, they look pretty good.
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  5. I replanted them yesterday with promix for tropical plants and 30% miracle gro perlite
    Hopefully they heal up, i had to cut 2 main leaves on one of the plant 2-3 days ago too.

  6. Miracle grow perlite is preloaded with miracle grow fertilizer. Look for plain old perlite not preloaded with fertilizer.
  7. Damn.. that sucks... I'll remember that when i transplant. Thanks :\
  8. Says so right on the bag. Gotta read what you're buying.
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