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  1. hi there...my name is dana and i am new here. i am just a small town girl trying to do something big!! i am trying to promote my idea of having a national green ribbon week on the week of 4-20 for those of us that support the legalization of marijuana!!1 the concept is simple..but how do i get people to catch on!! any and all advice is greatly appreciated..Thanks in advance!! posting concept below..click on picture to get the scoop!!! [​IMG]
  2. Facebook and twitter
  3. Hmm, good post OP. I'd support that. YUP! FB and Twitter...
  4. i am all over facebook with it!!! twitter i am still trying to figure out!! i guess i thought it would catch on a little better...people seem too afraid of being judged to share!! they say the do support it but would lose their job or their mom would see it or whatever else...if it were legal there would be less judgement..i am finding that it is harder than i thought to get people to stand up for their rights in this country!!!
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    This is a great idea.  Better yet maybe ribbons can be sold to raise money to donate towards the fight towards legalization!
    In my mind I can see this being as big as the red poppy.  I'm pretty high though. :D
  6. i have thought about this..but thought if i went to a link someone wanted mre to buy something i would just click out thinking it was a scam...will think about this more though..was also brought up to me earlier!!!
  7. I wouldn't try to start out selling them online unless you did extensive networking to ship out many many ribbons to people who could distribute them all over the place.  I think to begin the movement you might possibly have to invest your own money and give tons of them away at first and then with the collected money they can purchase the ribbons the next year. 
    But then how to collect the money for the movement and how/who to donate it to is a whole other question.
    I envision it like the poppy's on Rememberance Day/Veterans Day though knowmsayin? They are like 25c a piece and people sell/wear them everywhere come that time of year..... at least here in Canada.  
    It can happen. :D
  8. post nude photos of yourself holding a sign all over the internet, including here
  9. this is actually a really good idea. Just make a facebook group about it or whatever and try to get a website made for it. Also a popular thread about it on this website would also help it gain momentum. This is like such a simple good idea though, i'll try to support it in any way i can.
  10. thank you i appreciate the support!! i am new to all of this and still learning..people are complaining i have too many posts..i dont even know how todelete old ones i dont want to use? just finished a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/legalizeweed42014 come join

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