Hi, I'm Shakespeare's Ghozt. I make indie rap music for smokers, gamers, and misfits.

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  1. [​IMG]I'm Shakespeare's Ghozt of the Heathenz Muzik Crew and the above says title says everything that's really important about me. I think make real music. Here's a few tracks and you can decide for yourself.

    Lonely PPL: I'm a heavy Beatles fan. I feel like Lenon is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. One of my favorite songs is called Elenor Rigby and this is my attempt to infuse a hiphop track with the same feel.

    Wher the wind thingz r: This a true smoker's song...hard to explain, but it's pretty popular on radioreddit, it's like the number 8 track of all time over there or something...i can't recall...did i mention that I smoke? ;)

    Tomorrowman: It's kind of hot in rap culture right now to fake like you like rock music, but basically all you do is swagger jack some real music to pimp out your own garbage. This song is my answer to that, I weave the names of 50+ rock bands ( that I personally love) into the first two verses. Seriously dope.

    The Zone: I'm thinking that I'm going to call this gamer rap...i dunno...but its sick though

    Naked: for people who's relationship status is always complicated. Here's a live version

    Thoze whoo r Ded: A friend died. this song is his tribute. This song hurts and I hate that it's one of the better ones that I've written.

    Breathe: I knew a girl who abused....this is a song to her and those like her

    Digital Salvation: Ummm...you'd just have to click it

    Haha!!: See above

    Terminator: This is just us goin apesh** on a dope beat cuz we can...
    So ummm yeah, good talk. That's a sample of my music. you can find more on facebook or twitter or youtube.

    -Shakespeare's Ghozt
    p.s. If there's any typos...you know why!


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