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  1. Well, i love weed..alot..alot lot and decided it was time to dive into the internet to expand my marijuana knowledge. Im sick of buying shit weed from my dealers, so i've decided to grow my own, that's how i ended up here actually. Lots of great info.
  2. Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    You like to learn about cannabis? :) Have I ever got something for you! :yay:

    Simply click that first link in my sig- down below my Grandfather's quote- and just READ! You are in for one interesting educational experience! :eek: And it's all about cannabis! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
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    Good idea once I get my own place I'm growing

  4. Thanks, ill definitely give it a read through..and i just want to add, if you are a granny then you are by far the coolest granny ive ever heard of and i wish mine was like you haha
  5. welcome to GrassCity I just got on this a few days ago lol
  6. ^^ more like today :p

    welcome bro
  7. Welcome to the coolest site on the web, have fun and enjoy :)

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