Hi :) im new ............

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sirene, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Hey you guys :)

    Im new here but im not new to forums. Ive been on alot of forums and think that this one is really cool !

    Im a 20 year old stoner girl from Tennessee. I like music and art mainly .. and tokin . Thats about it LOL. Needless to say, all of those are very important in my life ;-)

    Feel free to im meh or pm me or something :)



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  2. Hello sirene.. I'm from tennessee too.. there are several tennesse stoners on this board..

    Welcome to the city.. Glad you found us and hope to talk to ya!

    I like your sig.. It has alot of truth to it..
  3. I'll try not to piss ya off to much... hope u like the city as much as i do..... ;) kick back toke up and stay a while :D


    Originally posted by Giffenrock
    Let me be the second to welcome you to the City!

    Haha! beat ya bieotch :D (u still cant monkey slap).....

  4. Let me be the second to welcome you to the City! Im sure you will fit right in here. Im pretty sure everyone here is into everything you said. At least I know I am...at any rate, welcome
  5. curses merely the third....
  6. hehehe, thanks for the welcome you guys ! That was really sweet :)

    p.s. < -- im from Knoxville, like I go to U.T. :)
  7. by the by, is your signature from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? When they walk into the "Chocolate Room"? Man Im a fuckin loser...Its a good movie though!
  8. Heck yeah it is ! I love that movie .. although the little guys still freak me out ... alot .. all that umpa lumpa stuff ... <shudder>

  9. hey im new too. i live in chicago, in an apartment with my tokin cat and stoner dog.
  10. Nice pic, youre one cute stoner!
    Oh yeah and welcome to the city!
  11. She is a cute stoner, huh?

    Welcome to the City :) I'm from the peach state right below ya. Hope you enjoy the stay :D
  12. Hey strait sb ,

    I am originally from Atlanta. I just go to school up here .. im home alot <3

  13. And thanks you guys sooo much for the sweet welcome. Im not really that cute .. but wutever :p

    Ill post more pictures soon ( im addicted to my digital camera).

  14. shes fucken stoned!

    My friend goes to college in tennesee, murry state!

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