Hi im new, to the forum and new to growing.

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    Hello, this is my 1st post so i wanted to make it a good one.
    I do need help, but i, very fond of this community as well, i hope i don't come across as a needy noob with only my own interests at heart.

    So hello new friends, i hope we can all have a good time :wave:

    Here's my plan; I have a big fish tank, and i was looking at the cabinet underneath and two tokes later i was measuring it, and eying it up for a great idea!!

    Please look at the pics, i was hoping some of you could throw ideas at me, I'm not looking for babysitters im willing to research, just looking for an idea bouncing area.

    I call it:

    "Fish tank cabinet Grow box 1.0"


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  2. small cfl grow veg on left flower on right... keep em small or something... give it a go ! =)
  3. copy this into google:

    grow 8 oz of bud for under $100

    First option should say PDF.Free book there.

    Best read for new growers IMO,and it's free."should also be perfect for your plans".

    Never mind what lights he uses.Which is amazing.

    He shows you a day by day grow.
  4. So you think its high enough?
    Just look for some low growers....
    How many could i grow in each cabinet?
    Id like to go hydro if there was enough room...

    Wow Discipel thank you!
    I know nothing about growing you see, so reliable info is key i suppose, cheers!

  5. I've seen smaller grow boxes yes.

    Your welcome

  6. SCROG or LST and you will be set! Tons of space for some sideways growing monsters!
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    Ok cool, good idea hadn't thought of that thank you.

    How many per cabinet do you think? Im not sure about the distances in between, i suppose it depends on the seed right? (strain of plant)

    So a few coffee's and rechem later i have made a small shopping list,

    1) Cfl bulbs 120w x4 (two each cabinet)
    1) Fittings (two way)
    3) Mylar sheeting (3 square metres)
    4) Foil tape (for joints ;))

    Talking about 64 Euros for this stuff (83 Dollars / 52 Pounds)

    Gonna need a filter and stuff too!!!! Carbon is the odder less one right??

    Cant think of anything else, feel free to steer the reins of this project
    your input can help my output :p

    I need to research hydroponics, but that can be tomorrows mission.
    Make it or buy it??

    Thanks again
  8. I recommend flat white paint,or most hydro stores sell black,and white polly over mylar.

    The Do it Yourself section prolly has a hydro build in it somewhere.A lot of money saving stuff there.If you dont mind putting time into building the stuff.

    Here's a bubble bucket DIY:http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/121335-lets-build-bubble-bucket-*step-step*.html

    A 6 sight ebb&gro build:http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/1112322-lets-build-ebb-gro-6-site-system.html

    Put in the time to research as much as possible before purchasing your list.This can also save a lot of money.
  9. I was under the impression you were using only the tank area for your plants. It's not always about how many you grow, it's about HOW you grow. For example, if you take that tank area and put 6 plants in it, you flower at about 1 foot because you are height restricted, you may get 1oz dried per plant. BUT if you grow only one and train it properly, completely filling the tank you can pull over a pound or more. Just trying to get you to understand that it's not always about putting as many plants as possible. So basically what I'm saying is, it's up to you for how many plants you want to put there. You can squeeze a bunch in a small space and keep small, or grow few but bigger.. Up to your preference. It's all a learning process.

    I would highly recommend just growing in soil at least until you have an idea how everything works. Hydro is a LOT of maintenance and without knowing how to do it prior to using that setup, it will be very hard! I've grown hydro for many years and just got completely sick of it. You will be much more into it money wise with hydro too.. Tank, net pots, medium, PH adjusters, air stones, water pumps, drip system (depending on setup), tubes, and the list goes on.. Not including changing water and re-adjusting PH and TDS EVERY week! I grow only organically now and wish I would have switched a LONG time ago! If you want to grow hydro by all means, go for it. I'm just giving a bit of advice based on my experience with it. Maybe try a very small hydro setup and see how you like it. If it turns out good then you can turn it into a full setup.
  10. I think that's what iv ordered, yeah its called "black and white Mylar" in the description, i found out that the foil can burn a plant, right? you need to absorb heat but still reflect light.... Makes sense :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the links just need to decide if im ready for hydro for my 1st attempt.....

    Ohh sorry no, I'm just taking advantage of the noise and space taken up by the tank, pumps and filters for the tank etc...
    I had tropical fish before i moved house, had to put them up for adoption....... Sad times.....:( But thats a different story.

    I wish i could use the whole tank area but i cant have it on display.

    I hear you, thats also the toss up for the route I'm gonna take its hard to get quality plants where i live and i understand that hydro has its disadvantages.
    I do love the hydro concept and the huge interest i have in it makes me think that i have the abilities to do it, i will have to look into it more.

    Those tall buckets i saw in your links look like they could mess it up anyway, i only have 26" iv seen shallow hydro setups but then i don't know if there's a minimum volume or anything.
    Google will help me on that one.

    I can Mylar up the walls, and set up my lights (two per cabinet?) and ventilation 1st anyway. Exciting stuff i have to say.

    "I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure"

    Thanks again guys.
  11. Heres my shopping for today.

    Got 5 critical kali mist seeds, Sativa dominant probably wasn't the best idea, given my height restrictions but I'm going to Scrog one plant in each cabinet, maybe like curtropolis420 said "Veg in one and flower in the other", although scrog plants would be harder to maneuver....
    Pop this seed 1st though and take it from there.

    Anyone know anything about that Vermiculite i got? I couldn't get Perlite.

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    Definitely go hydro if you want, wasn't trying to steer you away from it even though it seemed like it haha. I, too, loved the concept of hydro growing. Either way since it will be smaller than the setup I had, I'd say go for it. I just had big ass 50 gallon tanks that I had to clean weekly and it got to be too much hassle. A few small buckets would be great though.

    Are you still up in the air if you're going soil or hydro? If so, why did you get vermiculite? I've never heard of anyone using it for hydro that's why I ask. If you use vermiculite in soil, put less than you would perlite since it retains much more water for longer periods and can lead to overwatering. The right amount and you will be right on track.
  13. Sup Killer, i am going to go soil for my 1st time, although i saw some kick-ass plastic containers with lids at the hardware all different shapes and sizes, iv never looked at plastic containers in the same way before, it was almost erotic:p!!!
    See i have a good air pump from my tropical fish setup, and tubing and what not......

    I was gonna get them but then i said hey slow down, do a soil plant 1st, maybe in a month ill start a new hydro setup, as I'm surprised at how little wattage the cfl's use.

    I dropped a seed into water until it sank (overnight) and now iv transferred it to paper towels.
    How long will it take to germinate? I know it depends but a rough guesstimate would put my mind at ease.....:smoking:

  14. Do NOT saturate the paper towels, you can destroy the seed. It happened to me a few times in my noob years, and will never happen again! Make sure they are just barely damp. I soak it and wring it out, then put the seed in. You should see it crack tomorrow. And see the little white tail either tomorrow or the next day. This is where I plant the seed. Then 3-7 days is a good average for it to break soil.

    What kind of soil/nutes are you using?
  15. Imagine if farmers used the paper towel method...

  16. Oh for sure, by no means do I think it must be done before planting. If anything it ruins seeds more often (if not handled properly). I have done both germinating and just popping a seed in soil with no real difference in comparison. The reason I germinate my seeds is to simply see if they are good seeds before I go a week wondering if it will break soil. I only grow a couple at a time so knowing this before I plant them is important.
  17. Got home to a nice surprise my 1st seed popped! :hello:
    And my grow box is pretty much ready to go, id like to see what you guys think of it. I think it looks like a nice little home to grow from.

    I should probably plant the seed right away but i have to go out.
    How long until i should plant it, i mean i could plant it now but would there be any advantage to leaving it germ a little longer....?:confused:

    :rolleyes:No need to complicate things though i suppose ill just go ahead and plant it when i get back.

    Here's a couple of pictures.


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  18. Germinating is not even necessary. The only reason I do it is to make sure the seed is good before I plant it. It will do no good by letting it germinate longer. Once it shows signs of life, plant it. Do NOT move the soil to check on it, EVER! Just wait till it breaks soil. Should be around 4-7 days roughly. Possibly even longer. Just be patient! Good luck!
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    Ha ha! This lil feller tried to root in the paper towel!

    Both seeds are planted, now we play the waiting game. :smoking:

    Thanks for all the help everyone!


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  20. There is no need for the paper towel.It's a step many people use for no reason,and infact only add to the chances you kill your little seedling before it ever had a chance.

    Soak over night up to 24 hours in the fridge.I soak in a plain black tea.Then then next day into your medium of choice in a warm humidity dome with a light.

    Also if this is your first time growing I recommend going organic.Hydro isnt for new grows IMO.But it's up to your of course.

    Organic gardening once your up,and going is very simple though.Not hard to get up,and goping either.

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