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Hi...Im new to all of this..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sheena, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. I said..Im new to all of this and wondered..does the Marihoochy really work on the pain we have with fibro? To be honest..I've never smoked the stuff in my this is reallllyyyy new to me. I just would like to find something that helps. I've been dealing with Fibro for so many years now. I've had to use alot of diff. meds...some help in some areas..but one of my biggest things now is no sleep and heart rate ..geez...its gettin old ya know?
    Can somebody give me some good insite on this stuff???? brother use to smoke it alot...seems like it fried his brain cells.:rolleyes: Dumber then a box of rocks must have done it heavy or something...I don't know.

    Any insite would be helpful..thanks
  2. if you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal then i suggest finding some doctors to talk to bout your condition. If your in pain then it never hurts to try it out and see if it helps or not. As for your brother, i have a hard time finding weed simply made someone dumb, im sure theres other factors. I've been smoking marijuana for about 13 years now and my brains still intact :).
  3. Hello Sheena...hopefully I can help you a little via my personal experience. I'm 36 and have dealt w/ chronic back pain for 8 years....thrown from a car, etc.etc.. Soooo, I've had 3 back surgeries, too many cortizone shots to remember, and been on every pain pill out there.

    I will skip all the 'tweener' time and get to the past couple years. I lived in Oregon for 5 years until recently moving back to the midwest...obviously I could legally smoke given the fact that I am 'officially' disabled...yuck, I hate that word. I was seemingly taking handfuls of vicodin and was getting desperate for something that would help. Honestly, I was kind of a weed-basher for most of my time in Oregon, mainly because I was too scared to give it a serious try. I smoked a couple times in college and hated it...didn't have a bit of fun..think I smoked way to much for a newbie. Anyway, two things happened in my life that really helped; I had a spinal cord stimulator put in (sends electrical current up my spine...little computer placed under my skin in my lower back, and control the intensity with a remote control), and I started smoking.

    I think you have the same viewpoint as I did up until a few years ago...that all potheads are braindead...obviously not true. Well, yes, there are braindead smokers, but the vast majority that I've encountered are everyday people.

    Let me be clear, those two things didn't eliminate my pain by any means, but it did help and took the edge off, so I am able to do more. I'm still on neurontin, oxy, and morphine, but use much, much less than I used to, and I attribute a good portion of that to weed. I can't even remember how many pills I was taking back then, all I know now is that for the past two years I've always had extra pain meds at the end of each month.

    Sorry for the rambling Sheena. Point being, give it a try...and don't judge it or its' 'effects' too quickly. I still hated it when I tried it again two years ago, but after 3 or 4 times I started to come around and enjoy it, and in turn noticed a decrease in my pain.

    Duh, let me put it this way as you are a chronic pain sufferer, so you are WELL aware of the 1-10 scale!!! ;) And please know my '10' is emergency room kind of always bugged me when I'd overhear people saying their pain was a 9 or 10 in the waiting room. I would say my pain was consistently a 6, and would venture to the 8's and sometimes 9's. Now it's difficult to give all the credit to pot, as I did have that stimulator put in about the same time....I'd say right now my pain is a about a 4-5 and rarely gets to an 8. Now I know you know that going down even as little as one point is a HUGE difference maker.

    Again, I apologize for the ramble...once I get goin', watch out! :) I will be a regular in here from here on out, so I hope to talk to you soon.

    Take care, Chad
  4. + rep on great post Honker!
  5. +1....and weclcome to the gc sheena and honker
  6. DAMN STRAIGHT it works on FIBRO (passes a chunk of TRAINWRECK in your direction).............I AM LIVING PROOF!! I do allergy acupuncture, traditional acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation, too.

    Personally, I am a FIBROMYALGIA & medical marijuana patient. You are welcome to read more about my personal battle with serious pain and medical marijuana activism efforts on my Blog :

    My latest article:

    (access MY PHOTO folders):

    COLORADO Medical Marijuana INFORMATION see:
    North Denver Medical Marijuana Discussion Group
    Front Range Community College LIBRARY
    3705 W 112th Ave Westminster, CO 80031-2140
    meeting every Third Monday of the month.
    Room L211 7-9pm
    Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Support Group
    Penrose Public Library
    20 N. Cascade Ave
    Colorado Springs, Co. 80903
    meeting the second Thursday of each month @ 6:30pm.
    Purpose: To provide education about Medical Marijuana to
    patients, caregivers and the general public!
    Contact Roger at
    Its official Colorado Cares Medical Marijuana support group for
    patients and caregivers is forming in the Grand Junction area.
    For more information contact Brian at
  7. Thanks for all the input from everyone... all this helps. Im still alittle nervous about trying weed. I would like to try it sometime as see the benifits I get from it. sound like you've experienced my everyday life. Well I can't say everyday....I do have a few good day...only if I take my Supplements faithfully. Then theres those days that anything can trigger a flare. Days like that you want to crawl in a hole and die it gets so bad. Im having a heck of a time finding a doctor her in GJ that will treat me. "They don't take Chronic pain patients" or no one new. So.....thats when the depression sets in and we get pissed. I've had alot of tramas in my life and accidents.......and wouldn't ya know it...from other peoples negligance.
    But yeah hey.....:rolleyes: if I ever get the oppertunity to try it I may do that. I need to find some relief somewhere. I getting so sick of taking all this crap the docs give ya and they don't do squat. I go to the chiro and try to eat better...with fibro that is crutial I found. ;)
    Is the weed just plain weed or is it mixed with something when you smoke it?? I know..dumb
    I hear it grows wild in Wisconsin....but its not as potent.
    Well I look forward to dropping in now and then and see whats up...thanks again for all your info guys...helps me understand things better. And also let me find a place where I don't feel so alone in the world of PAIN..!! Isn't it wonderful...? NOT...
    have a great evening everyone....til next time:wave:
  8. I have an implant too but now I have a morphine implant also. I couldn't take the pain anymore so I tried to kill myself because the pain was way off the scale and nobody believed that it hurt that bad, until I met this wonderful doctor that turned me onto MJ I got my card in just a over a week and I have been improving slowly over time. Good Luck in finding what works for you.
  9. Welcome, sounds like weed is able to help you alot! Even if you just smoked on those bad days, i can guarantee you would probably forget about the pain.. and be HAPPY! :)
  10. Sheena... there are a lot of us here that had a skeptical, or bashing outlook on MJ before we actually tried it. I'll be honest with you - I started smoking legal herbs (not that fake bud crap, name brand shit - but things like Kava Kave, Salvia, Blue Lotus, ect)... and swore I'd never go to the "illegal" stuff. But I began to do some actual research and found quite a lot of positive information.

    I was still skeptical until the opportunity arose to buy nickle off of a kid in school. I believe i was... 15 at the time - freshman year. The kid was just some goth kid that I talked to on occasion. I smoked it - it was totally horrible quality... but it made me feel something. A lot like a spiritual awakening. I knew from that point on this was one of the only truely good things on earth - and I've stuck to that idea ever since.

    I went on to graduate, get accepted into college, and I live a healty life. I don't let things get out of control. I love my herb - but I can manage. I've recently come to the realization that I need to cut back - and I've been doing so.

    It definitly helps with my anxiety. I have a very bad problem with anxiety. The Doc wanted to put me on Xanax... but I'd rather take a hit then pop some chem. filled pills.

    Sorry to go on for so long - but I'm just trying to express that Marijuana is one of the best and safest forms of medicine... it can be used medically and recreationally without having to risk losing the ability to live a healthy life.

    A very large amount of people on this site are prime examples of this! :hello:

    And finally - Welcome to the city!!!!!!!
  11. So Sheena, have you tried using medicinal marijuana for your fibro pain yet? I'd really like to hear if it has helped you or not so that I can tell my mom. She has a bad case of fibro as well.

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