HI im new anyone from T.O. or Canada???

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  1. I have tried weed, coke, shrooms, next on my list is Lady H ?

    how would you recommend i take it?
  2. If its black, smoke it. If its tan/white, snort/shoot it.
  3. if its black, shoot it. if its tan/white, snort it.
  4. I hope you're kidding man, the black shit is the low purity smoking shit. You shouldn't shoot it.
  5. contrary to popular belief, there IS INDEED black tar heroin that is better quality than powder heroin.
  6. Lots of blades from the TO area.

    Im from Newmarket, about 40 minutes south.

    Everyone told you what to do with the H, so I wont repeat them.
  7. Seriously? All the shit I've read when it comes to H usually says black tar is around 10%-20%, and #5 is the high quality shit made for shooting/snorting.

    I could be mixed up though, not much H goes through here and for $200g I'd rather pick up a ball and some oxys.
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    a lot of people would be disappointed if they really knew the % potency of their dope, black tar users and powder users alike
  9. Oh I know, everything is cut to shit. All I'll fuck with is coke since I'm good at judging that, everything else I won't touch. Weed, coke, and pharms are about it.
  10. Yeah I am from the 416.

    Congrats for finding coke and shrooms around here.

    Seems like there has been a strange lapse in availability lately.
  11. toronto in da house
  12. Same for me with shrooms man.

    Cant find them anywhere..

    They come out like crazy around spring, thats when ppl come up to u pushing 8ths of shrooms and 8ths of weed together for 45-50.

  13. shrooms are way easier for me to find than semi-legit yayo. easiest thing to get is bomb bug and pure mdma caps/ rock.

    what you guys payin' for yayo in southern ontario anyways up to a quarter?
  14. I may be brainwashed on this subject, but from what I've heard doing heroin is one of the worst things in the world anybody can possibly do. I've think it's addictive enough that 3 or 4 sessions can make you an addict. Also, a lethal overdose of heroin is only five times the effective dose.

    Smack is definatly not my to do list, but your life is your own.
  15. if its bomb black tar, shoot it.

    White or beige, blow it.

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