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hi im new and dont really know what im doing,

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by casio, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. hi, as I mentioned in the title i'm new to mj and I dont really know what i'm doing and I was hoping for a couple of pointers.
    i've been on some pretty strong painkillers 24/7 for the last 8-9 years and now not only are they not working they're giving me a bad stomach to boot, so im neither able to rest or get any relief and now I believe they're causing pain. so i've decided to give them a helping hand or more preferably give them the elbow if its at all possible.
    the problems I've had are dosages and best method I dont smoke tobacco at all but most people here in the uk that I know mix their mj and tobacco but I really dont want to do that, so I've bought rolling papers, a short pipe, a longer pipe and a bong so I think whatever is best I hope i've got covered lol. Really i'm just looking to knock the pain down a little and get some rest,
    I didnt like the look of the resin so I bought bud, (an 8th of purple haze and an 8th of skunk.)  and now im wondering how much should I put in the pipe, or even a joint? and would it be better if I cut it up/grind it before I pack it into a pipe or should I just push it in and smoke it chunks at a time?
    like I mentioned I am painfully new to this so any help, links or whatever is appreciated

  2. Grinders are 15-20 for a good one, you can get a Space Case (top of the line) for 60ish, but I personally see no reason to spend so much
    You can also break it into small pieces, or cut it up with scissors
    Usually I put .7 in my joints, but I like the long pipe the best. Short is too hot, bongs let me take too much too fast, so I think a pipe is good for you bow
    Once its broken or ground up, to pack a bowl you need pipe screens, very cheap at local head/tobacco shops. I buy em in bulk offline for cheap.
    Put a screen on the bottom, and then pinch the weed in, 2 pinches then lightly tamp it with your finger. Keep doing that till its about level or a little under the top of the bowl.
    If the pipe is too harsh, packing a bong bowl is the same method
  3. thats just what I needed to know thankyou, I got some of the screens in the pack with the pipes so I should be ok with those for now (theres about 20) I had a go at packing the pipe earlier but I didnt use nearly enough I put a chunk unbroken in (about the same amount that would cover my thumb nail) but even squished around a bit, there were gaps, and if im honest I was a little worried about the unburnt butane from the lighter so I've dug a box of matches out of a kitchen drawer just in case :)
    thanks again
  4. Lighters actually safer. The butane is either burnt up or dissapated in the air. I'm no expert, but I do know lighters are better than matches. Matches give off sulfur which are a lot worse.
    If you're really worried you can buy hemp wick, which is a natural wick made from hemp plants and beeswax
  5. I prefer to smoke out of a bong, but since you're very new to this, I would suggest rolling joints or packing the bowls to build your tolerance a bit. Wouldn't want you to green out (when you smoke too much and end up not having a good time).

    When you roll a joint, you'll want to put about .5-.8 in it. You can youtube "how to roll a joint," if you're unsure.

    When packing a bowl, just put in however much you want to. There's no necessary amount. I'd suggest .1 until your tolerance is higher

    Don't smoke resin. It's gross and unhealthy for you. Flowers are the way to go in my opinion :)

    Always have a glass of water next to you when smoking. Definitely alleviates that dry mouth

    Bowls and bongs use far less weed than joints
  6. Thanks for the info, I tried the matches but between burning my fingers and the smell I used 1 and went straight for the lighter lol

    The main reason I didn't like the resin was the smell, the flowers smell lovely but the resin reminded me of flowery bees wax polish mixed with boot polish, it didn't smell really bad or anything it just didn't smell fresh

    I went for the longer pipe and after pulling the mj apart and packing the bowl to about 3/4 full I smoked about half and I can't believe the difference I'm not totally pain free but I wasn't expecting the pain from nerve damage to vanish completely.

    I know some of it will be placebo effect but this beats pregabalin, gabapentin, dihydrocodine and oramorph hands down normally I'd score my pain an 9/10 and right now I'm about a 4 or 5 which is incredible
  7. I hope you can find further pain relief in your smoking.
  8. Grind up a half gram and roll it up in a joint. It's real simple. Not rocket science.
  9. If you have the money a vaporizer might work best as it is less harsh.  Why resin though?  Where did the resin come from if you didn't smoke yet :confused:
    Break it up as much as possible with your fingers and don't pack it in too tight.  Weed is way better than painkillers and if you have access to medical marijuana you can even buy edibles.
  10. Pot can substitute for all those pills. its the beauty of it. just give it two weeks of moderate use. high usage isnt bad either. pots not bad for u, + u cant overdose like you can on pills :) its why states with medical cannabis have less overdose deaths ( people switch from pills to pot )
  11. I use my fingers to break down the bud and sprinkle it into the bowl and pack it down, then repeat until the bowl is full,
  12. @intergalactic Ambassador I dont have access to medical mj, here in the uk its not an option, and the resin was offered by the guy I got the mj off, he had loads (not surprised with the smell of it)
    with today being my day off work i've decided to have a little experimentation, I found that if I make thin joints (about .3ish of a gram in each) I can smoke half every few hours and it's been unbelieveable, I was even able to play fetch with the dog which I've not been able to do for at least a year and even after a good hour of playing with him my pain is still being knocked down to a solid 5.
    being brutally honest I've had the "Why didnt I do this sooner" question floating around my head pretty much all day lol
  13. I love reading about these things. That's great man.

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  14. What do you mean resin? Like the black tar from inside a pipe or the resin (hash) from the plant?
    It's great you're avoiding tobacco, it's really addictive
    To break up your bud I'd use scissors and a shot glass, and just load the pipe how much you need. Some people like loading snaps because every hit is green, some people just load full bowls
  15. I really didn't want to start smoking tobacco, I smoked a few fags when I was a kid and even ignoring the repercussions health wise I just didn't like it

    I don't know how he made or if he made the resin but it was quite thin (about 4-5mm and in little rectangles, if it helps it was sort of a hard browny black colour
  16. Unless we see it we'll never know what this "resin" is. It was probably hash based on your description. If it is hash i would recommend it even more for you, ask him if it's hash next time. If it really is pipe resin then avoid it completely.
    Hash is much easier to deal with, and it seems to give me more of the feelings your looking for like pain relief. Also if you go the hash route you should save lots of money since your new and have no tolerance. It will make you more tired though, that's just what hash does. 
    Roll a little ball 3mm wide and drop it on a screen in a pipe. The trick is not to burn it right away, you need to heat it slowly and let it bubble as much as it wants to before letting it get an ember. You want hash to melt, not burn. It's extremely hard for beginners but if you can get the hang of it hash is better if you have access to it. You hold the lighter about a half inch away while inhaling, you'll see little bubbles coming off and almost no smoke, but just keep hitting it this way. Those bubbles are the goodies boiling out and vaporizing.  You'll feel it your first hit since you have barely any tolerance, you might be able to save that tiny little ball for a while too. Keep letting it boil until it stops, they take the last couple hits torching the whole thing.
    I wish i had hash when i started.
    But if it's really resin from a pipe don't touch that shit.
  17. I get what you're saying, but you have to appreciate the fact that the whole act can be a bit daunting, especially for people new to cannabis.

    How finely ground? How tightly rolled? What about a filter? And what are some good skins to use? Not to mention the different pieces and proper usage. There's a ton of questions that people are going to have.

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