Hi, I would like to tell you about Jesus, the only way to God

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  1. "Wherefore Ye glorify The Lord God in The Fire?, even The Name of The Lord God of Hosts in The Churches of the sea?"

    Thought JeZues was "The Way"?

    "There is a WAY that seemeth right unto a man, BUT HEREIN LIES THE DEATH" ~ David, King of Israel

    JeZues Identifies himself as ADAM, the DEVIL.
    Quotes from JeZues
    "First begotten OF THE DEAD and prince of the kings of the earth"
    "Father restore unto me the glory that i had with thee BEFORE THE WORLD WAS"
    "In the beginning was JeZues (the Word) and JeZues was WITH God and JeZues was "god".

    In the beginning was God, God created Adam in HIS image, therefore JeZues is Adam.

    God saus "Cursed be the man that puts his trust in man (Hebrew - Man = Adam) for he shall be as a heath in the desert and shall not know when good cometh but shall inhabit the parched places of the wilderness, A SALT LAND AND NOT INHABITED"

    JeZues says "Ye are the SALT OF THE EARTH" like Lot's wife.

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  2. "Who raised up THE RIGHTEOUS MAN FROM THE EAST ("We have seen his star in the EAST and have come to worship Horus" EAST like LEFT meaning evil in God's Word) gave the nations before him and made him ruler over kings?"

    "How art thou fallen from heaven Oh Zues, Horus, Adam, JeZues, Son of The Morning"

    Who exalted their throne above God's?
    Mr JeZues condemned you to eternal Hell unless you 1) Give up all the things God has given you 2) Hate your mother and father, your brother and sister, Yea! and your own life also 3) take up your "cross" (Your SWORD, SYMBOL OF DEATH) and walk to your Death, once again giving up your life which is THE GIFT OF GOD, for absolutely no reason (FOR NAUGHT SAYS GOD)
  3. This is gonna get long, maybe i should make a new thread?

    "Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters"

    even in the weed forums, especially in the weed forums...the net is compromised and WWW=666 in Hebrew....will become "The dwelling place of Dragons (Dragons are the rich among House of Jacob, who sold the poor for their beautiful $1000 pair of shoes, that pant after THE DEAD OF THE EARTH, who (like myself) have PLAYED THE HARLOT UNDER EVERY GREEN (rich) TREE.

  4. the way i look at things, wich as a christian you will understand and not be defendant of, is this....
    if i were to burn every piece of religious literature of every form that ever existed, right this very minuit. within a few hundred years 90% of gods from the 4000+ religions that currently exist would be completely forgotten by 90% of the population of the current believers. those that were still believers would have a completely different story of what happened and how we got here to what the people of these 4000 completely different religions believe today.

    however, if i were to burn every piece of scientific text in existance that we know of. every piece of data regarding why 1+1=2
    in a few hundred years, 1+1 would still equal 2. aeroplanes wouldve been reinvented. our toilets would once again flush. our houses would once again have power and central heating. the gun wouldve been reinvented and powerful people would once again rule the world. this is called natural evolution. i dont believe in the theory of mans evolution but for different reasons from you. given that god created man as the first living being then dinosaurs by your beliefs could not have existed. thats nonesense. by your beliefs the earth can only possibly be a few thousand years old. this is also nonesense. yet you belive that the rest of the world walks around as blind men. believing in a faith that has no proof. if i apply only science to my life i can freeze food to last for years. i can fly, i can appear physically younger and i can expand my life expectancy. by applying only religion to my life however. i would have to collect dangerous water from a pool, would have no such thing as medicin, would still live in a house made from mud and water baked in the sun. i would have no knowledge of how horticulture actually works and still believe it wad a random gift from god instead of farming it to feed myself. the list goes on. there is zero proof of god in any way shape or form other than one book which was only actually translated into english around 500 years ago. this is also the length of time the word “god” has existed. its an english word that was very loosely translated as a term to replace “the highest” wich was oriigionally derived from the sumerian language (circa 3000-5000bc) reffering to the one they called the highest who was in charge of a race of beings who came here to mine for earths minerals and created mankind as a slave race to save themselves the hassle. they even call the first slaves adambo and ava. but they tell a very different story to christianity. every mjor world religion is clearly based on the sumerian belief system yet you all refuse to accept that they existed. even though we have more available texts from this culture than we do from the current vaults of christianity contained eithin the vatican that the vatican refuse to show amyone other than the pope.

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  5. Why does religion draw in the crazy people?

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
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  6. Holy shit. I actully agree with you. :eek:
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  7. There is a fair amount right with your post and a fair amount wrong with it as well.

    You speak of science as an endeavour completely separate from religion, when in fact it is derived from belief in god. Science is predicated on assumptions that are theistic in nature. Science assumes patterns/consistencies because the founders of science believed that nature is the creation of a god and that we should expect there to be patterns. Science is essentially the art of asking nature questions and letting nature tell us the answer, which is peering into the mind of god.

    I don't know how one would assume science would reemerge in the absence of a belief in god.

  8. Forget Jesus Forget God
    The only thing that is important and that will lead one to absolute truth is...

    Everything else is an illusion and a distraction to knowing who and what you really are.
  9. Haven't read the thread however gotta give props

    to the opportunity for having stress vrh to acknowledge feelings, I used to have such an animosity towards anything religious, however I grew up, pulled my head outta my ass and realized Jehovah is the only reason any of us are here, what those people did to Jesus is fucking horrible, just because someone believes in something you don't, does not give you any right to hurt them, please a lot of people I know have different beliefs, however I cannot judge them nor compare our beliefs, I am only human and by far
    am not perfect
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  10. Happy Birthdays Merry Xmas. No more for you.
  11. Alice Cooper? Lol wow not even one of his better performances... Don't fuck with something unless you actually know a little about it. Wtf am I saying, I'm a retarded monkey..
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  12. Post something better
  13. Ok, see I ain't gonna be the one that gets it off track.

    True Jesus would have never existed if it wasn't for God, say what you want but God is in everything, around us everywhere, believing doesn't make you a pussy in fact it takes balls to believe, you can't pick and choose beliefs, you either do or you don't, I need to shut up.
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  14. You don't need to shut up, we all have something to teach each other and something to learn from each other.

  15. I think I'm babbling, and I have a lot to learn.
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  16. Well fuck I hope I dont get a flat tire on my down to the fake church.
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  17. That was fun my bro, lol.
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  18. Amen sister me too
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    No, science doesn't use theistic ideas, patterns arise due to the evidence showing so, not because someone believed there is a god...science can only deal with the natural, god is by definition supernatural so has nothing to do with science, appealing to a god isn't needed in any form or fashion, just the evidence and facts that it leads to

    People find patterns where there really aren't patterns since the human brain is pretty much hardwired to find patterns in everything, its called pareidolia, its why we see faces in clouds and what not

    theism deals with faith and dogma, not evidence and reason and thus far all the evidence shows nothing to be super natural and has never shown it in the history of the world...what was used as proof of god and attributed to god has been researched and discovered to be natural

    i am completely baffled by someone who thinks science is looking into the mind of god, demonstrate something super natural first before we can even discuss a god and narrow down on its attributes
  20. Science is a subset of philosophy that used to be called natural philosophy, it is an epistemology whose axioms are derived from a theistic worldview. The very nature of logic and philosophy and science presupposes an ordered world, one that is consistent and with pattern, reflective of the mind of God.

    I find it odd that you on one had say "science can only deal with the natural, god is by definition supernatural so has nothing to do with science" then say "evidence and reason and thus far all the evidence shows nothing to be super natural and has never shown it in the history of the world" and then ask me to "demonstrate something super natural first before we can even discuss a god and narrow down on its attributes".

    You say theism deals with faith, I would agree, but indeed everyone deals with faith, at some point in our worldview we have to start off with certain axioms that we take to be true that cannot be self-justified.

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