Hi i think i got scammed

Discussion in 'General' started by cooljob123, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hi somebody sold me this crap :
    Is that weed ?


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  2. not the best picture but it looks like weed although it looks pretty brown ?
  3. Yes thats right ! Its fucking brown.
  4. That's pot.....

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
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    Yes its look pretty the same as weed but why is it brown ??
  6. It does look pretty brown. But how much did you pay and how much did you get? Otherwise how do we know if you got ripped off...
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  7. might not have been cured properly or stored properly.
  8. Hi i just bought 2grams for 40box to a motherfucker
  9. That would be a typical price of dank ass medical quality weed. That brown stuff does not look worth it though. Sorry about the misfortune.
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    Ok so he spammed me ? Idk but it smells like weed a bit ? Im sure im not a first time smoker thought. But wtf is that brown shit ? Should i throw it on garbage ?
  11. if it doesn't have mold it's probably safe to smoke. but try to get a better deal next time.
  12. 40$ for 2 grams. I wouldn't pay that at all. Where you live?
  13. Because it's old?
  14. It's brown because the cartel that packaged it did so when it was still wet so it fermented and turned brown. Which is also why a lot of brick weed smells like piss.
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  15. Is it smokable ?
  16. Yeah just not the best quality obviously.
    Dude it's weed just smoke it..sometimes weed looks like that
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    Another case of it will really fuck you up or kill you. hahaha. its weed man, very shitty weed. I wouldn't even smoke it. If you have enough just bake with it.

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