Hi I Really Need Some Advice Lanlord Found Set Up What Will Happen?

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  1. Hi im new here i made an account to post a question would appreciate all replies,
    I live in england (uk)
    I was renting out a house through an estate agents i have 1 month left on my tenancy and have been away for a few weeks and on return to find out the landlord has changed the locks and is living there herself and says u are no longer a tenant.
    She claims ' i know what you have been doing in my house'
    There is a major mould problem and she says its down to us doing u know what.
    All that was in the house to do with cannabis was 4 grow tents (which wernt up), 34 empty pots stacked up, some plant feed, and black and white sheeting THAT IS ALL. she has found all of this, and is calling the police do u know what will happen?

  2. If you dont have any plants/seeds the your good. its not illegal to have grow tents, lights, plant food ect ect. just deny deny deny
  3. Fuck it's no ones business. Tell them you grow hydroponic plants. Not marijuana. There's nothing in the lease about indoor plants. Landlord sounds like a bitch. If she's reasonable i'd say talk to her. She might not of called the cops just bluffin you out. Hydroponics is a legitimate hobby widely practiced and accepted everywhere. Nothing criminal about it.
    If she found some 'incriminating evidence' that your not mentioning you might be better off avoiding her completely tho haha.
  4. Thanks very much for ur reply, i forgot to mention there are a few leaves in the house (fan leaves) and by now they would be brown and crisp i recon, but that is the only other thing
  5. Pretty sure your landlord can't just roll up in your house without your permission. I might be wrong, but that doesn't sound very legal. If this is the case, then call her out on it.
  6. I agree with the respectable Guinness man(?), doesn't sound all too legal for a landlord to rock up without permission and stake out your house. I'm not sure what the laws are like in the UK but I'd say it's a more serious offense to refuse a tenant access to their house than to have a few leaves lying around the house. If she still demands you pay rent that's just messed up. She can't get you convicted of anything if that's all she found. Sounds like a nutter.  
  7. she needed to give a 24 hour notice to enter the property, especially if you hold a lease. my wife is from England and her mother helped us with an asshole landlord that tried nearly the same shit, but over him thinking I was smoking in the house, I wasn't but the jack ass walked in while my wife and I were watching tele and started smelling my curtains, I almost beat him good. But I think Id contact a solicitor and a decent one will have her evidence tossed out of court with a motion to suppress, on the grounds she entered illegally and aquired her evidence in an illegal manner. just say the tents and stuff is for veggies for you and family due to the extremely high food prices. should get you out of your pickle
  8. I think your landlord is crazy! I also would have to agree, unless your laws are much different, she can't just come into your house and break your lease like that. I let someone come live with me because my house has a finished basement with an apartment and I had my landlord give them a lease so they knew they were expected to pay rent. Well I want them out of my house NOW, BADLY! They're destroying it and I'm officially buying it when the lease ends in August so I don't want the home ruined since it will be mine. Well, I can't kick them out before the lease ends. I can evict them, but it will take at least 3 months so its better to wait for the lease to end. I can't just barge down there and tell them to gtfo and I don't think she can either. Also, can't get in trouble for just having stuff to grow plants as long as you've got nothing incriminating.
  9. if they do violate your written agreement ie; lease, you can give them a 30 day notice to evict the property, simply take proof (after you give 24 hours to enter to obtain your evidence) of violation, video, pics, or witnesses to your courthouse and a judge will grant you your eviction letter, and may have a sheriff serve them with it, out in 30 days done
  10. I will have to try again? The douche I spoke to told me 3 months. He wasn't interested in what I had to say and kept telling me "the lease ends in August, blah blah blah".
  11. did you have any pics or video of the damage? if not, get some and try again to get in front of a judge, you'll get them out. just obtain the evidence legally, 24 hour notice is mandatory, unless your invited in
  12. No I didn't, I said I would take photos but he told me it wouldn't matter. Ill take some when I can and try again. Thank you very much. :D
  13. uhhm she really cant call the police seeing as she lives there now and had taken over the residence it looks to me like it would go this way.. no judge i was gone for a few weeks and it seems she moved my stuff out to grow marijuana.. ive never seen that stuff before. (posession is 9/10s of the law) id say its all hers if it comes right down to it since she obviously lives there and you dont. but if she hasnt called already she aint gonna.. id wait till ahe is gone and kick the door in grab my shit and haul ass...

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  14. Fuck that bitch.
  15. Cut her in. 
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  19. I dont live in the uk, but I dont think any of that stuff is illegal
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