Hi. I do Drugs.

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    Hello Guys,
    My names Dan and I'm pretty new to this.
    I'm a pill man , usually synthetic opiates and the most common Oxy's.
    Marijuana is my second favorite . The public school I am in now does monthly drug tests so THC is a bitter sweet risk for me. I'm a senior thus I am 18! Summers though, I smoke about 5 grams a week. I'm in all honors/AP classes. Surprising huh?

    After I lost all mah drugs, I had to restart with 5 dollars 3 months ago.So my current STASH :
    50 10mg Methadone Tabs. < Street price around $750
    6 Grams of high mids < Street Price around $100
    2 Grams of Hash (kinda stale :/) < price around $80
    6 Dutch masters full of 3 gs of Shwag each < Street price around $180

    I'm a good Kid. Hard to tell eh ?

    Well Post lets make some convo :p.
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    1st of all WELCOME! :)

    2) Public School-- you have to be 18+ to be on the site.

    3) No dealing? wtf
  3. I'm glad I don't live in Central NJ... I'd be broke.
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    ...lol okay dude.
  5. hey how u doin officer
  6. The Truth.:wave:
  7. cool, you also sound like a fuck bag
  8. Let me be the first to tell you that you should read the forum rules before posting :) first no talk of dealing, Second there is an age to use this site, Third marijuana isnt considered a drug by grasscity ( blades is that correct ) but i do know the pills you are abusing is for sure going to be seen as a drug which isnt allowed on this site. YOUR AVATAR SIG even says you deal, man im seeing a future ban.
  9. Hey guys I just read the rules calm down I fixed Everything and I am quiet baked atm. After reading that I do sound like a fuck bag. I'm sorry i fixed it all. MY bad guys.
  10. Bad start huh. and No I have a perscription .. hmmmmmmm
  11. naw dont worry bout it im just an asshole in a bad mood.
  12. It's chill man.
    Pop on some sublime.
    Relax and smile :)

  13. dude, weeds a drug.

  14. Took the words out of my mouth.
  15. marijuana isnt a drug, im sorry. a drug is a chemical substance and marijuana in its natural form is not a chemical its a living plant. a drug is physically addicting. Cigarettes, alcohol crack/cocaine them are all drugs because they have been CHEMICALLY ALTERED im not trying to start an argument...Maybe il post a thread in general about this!
  16. Shrooms are natural. There a drug.
    Thc .... hmmm
    Nicotine ... hmmm
  17. Uhh.. Sorry to tell you kid but Marijuana has 400+ chemicals.
  18. Your definition of what constitutes a "drug" is completely wrong; your classification of marijuana as a "non-drug" is also wrong.
  19. Lets not argue guys. Were all chill. Relax.

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