Hi......I am sober =(

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    Just joined GC today. Was browsing through and it looks like a great community, hope there is room for me to fit in! I've been smoking for many years but a recent move has put a pause in my favorite activity =\

    I just recently moved from Los Angeles, California to Lake Oswego, Oregon. It has been a great move so far and looking forward to meeting some people out here. The colder weather and the lack of friends/herbage hooks has been a minor adjustment for me but other then that I love it here. Anyone else here on GC from the Oregon area? Any head shop recommendations near LO/Portland areas? I'd love to check out some of the scene.

    Unfortunately, I have been sober as of about a week and half ago when I ran out of my stash. Let me tell you having to quit due to having no hooks is a horrible horrible thing. I had brought a bit with me but I burned through that a lot quicker then I expected. I was hoping it would last until I met some people but uhhhh yea. I blame this on being stuck inside a lot more then I usually would be in Cali!! =D

    Anyways, just wanted to kinda introduce myself and say hello,

  2. Hey man. I'm down in Oc and they got some pretty good bud up north so keep on the lookout!

  3. Yeah dude, there are two sick headshops in Beaverton. Look them up, they are called Hotbox, and Tony's.

    And don't worry about not finding a hook. Dank is everywhere. Check my pickup threads.
  4. Haha, I hope you're right about the hooks! The herbs you're getting are looking pretty tasty. Appreciate the recommendations on the shops.
  5. Welcome to the Great Northwest Phen...

    Make sure you head down to the Hawthorne area in Portland. Pretty 420 friendly people everywhere. Plenty of head shops, hell... on the corner of 39th and Hawthorne is a head shop on 3 of 4 corners.

    Take care and hope you have fun up here!

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