hi guys!

Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. hi huys hows things going, i have been doing alot of traveling latley i have just been to london and im curently in the USA in salt lake utah, things have been going well the only thing is i have to leave in 90 days...well i cant talk long im in a internet cafe. good talking to ya all.

  2. Mickey T!!!!!!!! No way!!! :) It seems like it's been forever.

    I can't believe you're in the US. I know that you're having fun traveling. I wish I were doing it right now. If you hit another cafe then give us more details as to where all you have been and such. It's cool that you checked in. Have as much fun as you can! :)
  3. Hello mickey you big fat royalist. How's it going matey? Do tell more about the old trip mate.
  4. Mickey!!!

    Good to hear from ya!! I've been away as well. So ya finally made it over here to the States huh? Hope you have a great visit. Drop in and say hello whenever ya get the chance.
  5. damn thats kewl..... r u traveling the world or somethign?

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