Hi guys newbie first timer needs advice on clones

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  1. I have grown four super lemon haze female plants from seed. These are the mutha plants and they are doing well. I have cut 8 clones. I used dutch master rooting gel. The clones were then placed in small cardboard pots in a propogation tank under a fluro light. I am growing plants in soil.The clones are now two weeks old and have rooted nicely. Four of the plants have been transfered to 2 litre pots for the vegetative cycle. There is loads of info about how to cut clones and very little info regarding after care. The clones are watered once a day and I spray them twice a day.

    I have cut clones previously that have shrivelled and died when put under the main grow light. Does anyone know how old the clones should be when transfering from propogation tank to grow room. The plants are still healthy and green but only the roots are developing.There does not appear to be any new leaf growth yet. Can any one help and advice?
  2. Once the roots are established the clones will start vegging again. I use rockwool and just wait untill the roots pop out of the bottom of the cube, then i transplant into one of my hydro systems. :smoking:

  3. once the cuts root, they are ready to put under the light on a veg cycle. feed according to the medium. forget about age when thinking of transferring. they cuts are actually the age of the mother in reality. still, you want to gradually increase feed strength from 1/4 strength. some folks jump from the cuts rooting to 1/2 strength or more. remember, the cuts are actually the age of the mother plant.
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    Think your watering to often. MJ dose best in moist soil only. This might be why your plants are not growing foilage fast.

    Ideal time to transplant is when their(6-8" tall) and have at least 5 sets of leaves, have good healthy root development, healthy and not stressed.

    I would cut back on watering and water only when the soil dries out. The closer you time watering to when the plant starts to wilt(droopy leaves)the better.

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