Hi guys. New to growing this beauitful herb

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  1. New to the forum as well as growing. I got my temp card and waiting on my perm to come in. Got some Questions for ya. I have 8 aeerogardens. 6 are the AG classic, One is the AG spacesaver 6 and the other is the Ultra. Can I use these to do some growing? Also I have the liquid nutes. Would those nutes be ok to use? I  plan to use the Ultra and not the classics because the height on it goes up to 3 inches. The others may be okay for shorter 12" plants but thats about it. Maybe even starting them in the classic models. Whats your take on my questions? I also have a hudrofarm shoplight to do soil growing too. Which is better or easier for a beginner?

  2. Yes you can grow in those, but your plants will be about the size of those herbs in the product pics (in other words not unless you want more than a few bowls worth after 10+ weeks of growing).
    A good rule of thumb is regardless of what your medium the size of your root mass dictates the size plant (like fish in an aquarium).  
    It depends on what your smoke habits are, if your smoking a zip (oz) a month than that means you need 3 zips to cover you off while you grow (which means you need for example a 1-2 gallon pot, roots remember? :hello:  ). If you only want to grow once a year, you need to scale up (12 oz plant = big ass roots, or several small plants what ever your poison).
    [SIZE=14.2857141494751px]Read up on the grow guides, do some research.[/SIZE] Knowledge is power! 

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