Hi guys my first ever whats going on with it now?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by essexboy28, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Hi so im new to all this and was really happy with how fast It is growing the smell is beautiful but the last few days the leaves have been pointing up like they are closing whats wrong with her looks really healthy though.

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  2. You need more light. They are closing like that to get as much light as possible. You need a lot more.

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  3. Thank you thats only a 50w what should I get? Or move outside
  4. No, your light is too close.
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  5. Ok thank you ive moved it up apart from that is it looking ok
  6. Yeah from what I can see it looks good. You need to look up that exact brand/wattage led and see what the recommended distance from canopy is. I hope you moved it back quite a few inches.
  7. Yes I have and also pushed the leaves down when can I tell the sex?

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  8. Don't push them down :) the plant will on its own.

    I might be able to tell you now if you can take a close up picture of the nodes (not under the led please)

    I think I can see what it is from here... But i had to zoom in so far I could be wrong
  9. Hope its good news

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  10. I need a picture like this, very close to the stem, under normal lighting, not the purple led. Might be too soon yet, but if you want to post it I'll give it a look.

  11. I think its too soon cos that is a mal e right in your pic? Thats the best I can get at the moment

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  12. A little soon I guess.

    And yeah the picture I posted was of a male :) :thumbsup:

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