hi guys im new and have a couple questions

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  1. http://amzn.com/w/22EDHRZV4FA1Y this is everything im going to be buying well not everything but the expensive stuff
    im going to be growing in my garage that is not insulated so it can get to 11-20 degrees Fahrenheit in winter in the day time how can i keep my tent warm if its a big garage thats cold ? 

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    Well addressing the cold issue...

    Somehow heating the garage would be optimul. Working with a tent, the ambient temp of the room, Is going to dictate the temp of your tent. If your garage temp is 20, your fighting up hill from the start...
    Now your lights will provide heat when they are on, but at "night" your plants will get far too cold. I'll start off by suggesting timing your lights to be on at night. To help fight the dropping temps...

    A heater of some sort in your garage will be vital. A propane heater will be better for you energy bill, and will provide co2 for your plants, but will be very expensive over time. So maybe a space heater is your only option.

    Consider the following...
    2x4s and drywall, and a little bit of insulation will run you 100 bucks. If you could build a false room man, your life will be sooooooo much better. It seems like a ton of work, but it's what I would do if I were in your shoes.

    Edit. Tent within a room within a garage...inception grow room!
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    would it be worth it to build a seperate room and insulate it then put a space heater in there? ok so im hoping you hop back on the forum soon but im going to get this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000IG7WPC/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1QTD1JR6DNCXK and its little attachment im also getting a digital thermometer so i know if its too hot and i need to turn the knob down since the heater is not digital 
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    Its cold as fk here, I grow in an unheated gardening shed. I need one. In a large area you're either going to need a large enough space heater to heat the whole garage or you need to create a smaller area to heat by building walls or possibly hanging tarps and blankets. Laugh all you want but I've scene it done and it worked great. Lights do cause heat, but in the cold weather your speaking of chances are your going to need a heater. At some point the lights will be off, so even if the lights do create enough heat, you'll need something to keep them warm when its dark. That little heater you showed won't hear a large garage
  5. ill probably frame a room and insulate it i just have to think about how big i want the room to be for a 4 x 4 tent so maybe 6 x 6 idk
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  7. The bigger the area the harder it is to heat. 6x6 would be nice, push the tent back to one corner so you have a 2 foot walkway on 2 sides. You won't have any airspace behind it to heat so a cold spot will be created behund the tent, maybe pull it out a ways if your not a huge person . I have my tent squeezed into my gardening shed. I have a 1 foot walkway on 2 sides of it I would love to have 2 feet. I'm not fat so it works but all I can do is squeeze a bucket in to sit on.
  8. im a pretty slim person so it should be more than enough room
  9. Similar situation, bud...solution? HID lights on a 22/2 cycle. In a 2 car garage, unfinished, uninsulated, 5 feet of "storage" to either side of the garage door, and 10 feet "extra" up against the house wall, where my tool bench used to be. In WA state, where it's in the 20's overnight already, with a 5 by 10 by 10 tent....2000 watts of MH, 165 watts "true" of LED, 80 watts of fluorescent reptile bulbs for UV supplement, and it's staying in the mid 70's overnight without fan, fan has to come on during the day to cool it.

    HID system CHEAP. Buy a full kit, you an get a 1000 watt for under $200 for the MH bulb, ballast, and hood.

    Reason people are moving from them is they're attention-getters in multiple ways, and your power bill jumps by around half again what it was (which the power company will notice, and MIGHT get curious about).

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