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  1. What's up fellow blades?! Long time no see. Well I moved out of Victoria and back to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. When I got back I was eventually arrested by the local police for some warrants I had for some unpaid speeding tickets. Talk about a good welcome home. I started working at a temp agency called QuikLabor doing various jobs everyday. Companies would call QuikLabor for workers and then write them a check the same day which was cool...but kept the local hicks from saving money since they would buy alcohol and drugs every night. Plus they would take money out of our paychecks because they would find us work, but you could get hired at a good company if they liked you. I quickly realized they weren't my kind of people so I just didn't show up after a while. Now I'm working at Home Depot and I've been clean for over a couple months since they drug test and I can't risk losing my job...yet. It's funny when kids come in asking about tomatoes and African violets and you can tell what they're really doing.

    My old friends have made a small fortune selling quarters for $60, which is a ridiculous amount to me considering the bud in Canada is dirt cheap and you can find it anywhere and everywhere. I have yet to tell them about my growing achievements I had and I doubt I will...what they don't know can't hurt em...or me. As for my outdoor grow I started before I left, I had a friend of mine take care of it.
    I'm thinking about trying bubble buckets in the fall but it's a bigger risk in the states...now more than ever. The risk has gone so inevidently the price has gone up.

    Well that's my story and my time is now up at this computer in the public library. Hopefully I'll have an internet connection at my place within the next couple of weeks so I'll have more time to be an anonymous voice on the web. Plus I'll start school again on the 26th at the community college. Hopefully this semester I'll have an associates in General Transfer Studie and working at ATT or Enterprise where I can sit down and talk on the phone...you know ATT reimburses your tuition if you go to school from some computer-related fields? Well anyways it's great to fill you all in on what's been going on in my life and I'll see you blades later! BTW sorry Indica for leaving you all the work in Indoor Growing.
  2. Hey babe long time no see, Did you miss me? ;)
  3. Good luck man keep smilin.
  4. :hello:Well I was watching an episode of Stark Trek in syndication and I seen Ashley Judd talking with the kid from Stand by Me. It reminded me of Big Poppa and the rest of the ole farts. I think BPP was supposed to introduce me to Ashley or something :D
    Anyways life has been hectic but I finally got my shit together so I'll be around more often now:smoke: Oh Yeah, I quit smoking cigarettes on Nov. 16th (couple days before my 22nd b-day). I went to this thing called auricular therapy that cost $80. Which really isn't much money if you think about how much you spend on smokes per month/year. Here's a link for the clinic in St. Louis if anyone is interested www.lc-stopsmoking.com. The funny thing is the night before I went I smoked almost 2 packs. Then you can't smoke an hour before you have the therapy done and when you leave you have no desire to smoke at all, it's really weird.
    But I couldn't stay away from the sweet cheeba:hippie: I went to Branson (the hillbilly vegas) over the Turkey weekend with family and smoked big. I knew I couldn't stay away long (5/19). That's it for now...later blades!

    P.S. Sure I missed you 420girlie, now if I could just find my way back to area51:wave:

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  5. Good to see you, you made a lot of people worried here in the city :)



  6. I knew it, you love me ;)

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