Hi GC. Question about switching from hand watering to reservoir.

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by GrowBeerBrewWeed, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. How ya doin'. I have 7 gallon fabric pots on the patio filled with 100% coco. I've been hand watering. Recently switched to a pump (I turn it on after I fill the reservoir). It's drain to waste, and I just fill the reservoir the amount the plants need to achieve run off for each cycle. It's gotten pretty warm here, and I realize frequent watering is required. If I had a large enough res to hold 1 DAYS worth of low nutrient water and a cycle timer, it would be much more automated.

    Would I need an air bubbler in the res, even if I changed the res every morning? The watering is now set up where 1 1/4" drip tube terminates at the top of each fabric pot. That's slow enough to have a pool of water build and saturates each pot. Run off is collected and dumped.

    Why I ask is I realize how dependent yield is to frequent watering. So, do ya think I'd have problems with a res that was stagnant for about 9 hours each day (9am to 6pm), or would an air hose be necessary? What's your experience? Thanks, keep 'em green.

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