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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by weeeezayftw, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Hi I'm Luke. I just started browsing grasscity.com two days ago, and decided to join. I'm excited to see what this community can do for me, knowledge wise. I know the midst of marijuana, and glass pieces and all of that. I've been smoking for two years, and this summer I pretty much smoked everyday, so I'm used to the fact, that smoking marijuana is normal, and not dangerous at all. The government, are fucking retarded, if they think it is. But, yeah get to know me. I'm from the Chicago suburbs.

  2. ask not what this community has to offer but offer to this community i flipped the jfk quote lmao naw im palyin with ya im new here to...wusup
  3. Absolutely nothing is up right now. I have been sober for three days, and it's bullshit. I'm so empty headed right now. I got suspended from school for four days, because someone snitched and said I was smoking, and the dean didn't even give me much time to talk that fat fken asshole. So, now my parents are makin me stay in. I got 5$ here, but I don't got a phone to get some mids. I need to start sellin agian, im goin nuts.
  4. Yeah dude tough times for sure.
  5. what suburbs u in

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