Hi, from San Francisco. :)

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  1. Hey there!

    Okay, I should start this off by first revealing how high I am. I just had a puff or two of this Indica strain -- Kiwi Skunk, or something? -- and the only reason I'm even on this website was because I was looking for a way to clean my bong, ha. It's pink, adorable and badly in need of a wash. Sigh. No worries, though! I found the thread on Isopropyl Alcohol and Kosher/Epson Salt or whatever. I'm set on that front.

    The main reason I'm introducing myself is because I can't really talk about my smoking habits publicly (not with the reputation I'm supposed to keep, ugh). So instead, I'm relying on this. Ha.

    I hope to come around more often and say hello.

    I first started smoking weed when I was around 17 or so, and hadn't really picked it up again until very recently. It turns out, I didn't really enjoy smoking for the longest time because I had only ever smoked with other people around -- these people made me feel paranoid and worried, and would always say that smoking alone was "weird".

    Well, I'm an adult now (24 years old) and far away from peer pressure. Disregarding what I've previously heard about smoking alone, I tried it again by myself, and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had. What I learned then was that it's important to make your own decisions about weed. You can't rely on someone else's experience to dictate your own. Everyone is a little different, and we all like different things.

    Anyway, now I get stoned before showers, while I play video games, before I go out to the bars, and after work. Lol. It sounds excessive, but it calms my mind, makes me feel content, and actually makes me pretty productive. It also makes me not overanalyze things during sex, and it makes me enjoy life that much more. Everything is just that much more beautiful. And even off of it, the things I've learned or have been opened up to through smoking still remain with me -- I'm a much more chill and happy person overall because of smoking weed.

    And it's nice to meet all of you. :)

    One of my favorite smoking tips: There's this Aquafina water that's flavored with a hint of fruit -- it's amazing as bong water. Will blow your mind, seriously.

    From San Francisco with love,
    XOXO Pinkchu XOXO
  2. Welcome to the forums :)

    I've only been here for a month or so and I like it. I've learned a lot :) and most people are nice.

    Nice to meet you and hope you see you around!
  3. [quote name='"pearljamss"']Welcome to the forums :)

    I've only been here for a month or so and I like it. I've learned a lot :) and most people are nice.

    Nice to meet you and hope you see you around![/quote]

    It's interesting how pot heads, stoners and weed lovers are all given this incredibly negative reputation when we're really just the coolest bunch of people ever, haha.

  4. I agree! Some people are just so close minded.
    Don't knock it before you try it! and even if you don't like it or wanna try, don't judge people who do.
  5. I like it so far. :)
  6. Hi! I'm high in San Francisco too!

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