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  1. Hello all it is nice to meet you, I am new here at the forum and I hope to be able to contribute! My name is Angel and I live in Minneapolis, MN I am a smoker and a marijuana activist, Member of Normal since the age of 17! still have my origanal card member Number 720. I posted something i the MMJ section already a question so to speak about how to help my husband understand that I am not just some pot head junkie (I know I can not imagin anyone calling a pot head a junkie but he says it is the same as crack or herion Lol ) so if you have any helpful ideas about that please find my post and respond to it!.

    I am also hoping to start a small growing operation (and I mean small like 3 to 5 plants) and I am hoping to find some help with getting that started on here.

    Thanks alot and I look foward to getting to know you guys better!
  2. Welcome, I'm sure we have plenty of resources here to aid you in your grow. Good luck. :smoke:

  3. Welcome to the City :wave:

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    Please review the forum rules, they can be found 'stickied' at the top of all the forums :smoke:
  4. My wife thinks the same sometimes but she just deals with it now. Good luck with that, and :wave: from Milwaukee WI.

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