Hi from GA but smokin that CA. scared myself shitless last night.

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  1. Got all too high last night and wanted to talk about it so i registered here!!
    Name: i trust nobody.
    Fav shit to do: work on cars, eat chinese food, get stoned, chill with friends, etc.
    Experience: k so i had 2 bowls of some sour D left and i usually toke one bowl and im done. one bowl will get me there. But 2nite i decided to push the limit and i did a bowl and a half thinking it wudn't be too much. :smoke: Once i was done and sprayed some spray, put everything away, etc. I started to notice my heart beating like it was about to burst out my chest. I started freakin out so i headed downstairs for a glass of water. Coming down the stairs is when I KNEW i was too high. My hearing felt god like at this point. if a bobby pin were to drop on the other side of the room, it wud've sounded like a thud. My hearing is so tuned at this point that i wanted everything to be silent but the fridge wudn't shut the fuck up.lol.:eek: Everything starts phasing back and forth rapidly and shit. Pulses of energy started surging up my spine. If you've ever been this high u know what i'm talkin about. At this point, i was pretty scared of how high i was so the paranoia set in and from there i was frantically pouring water in the glass and downing it. This didn't help so i decided to head back upstairs, turn the tv and the computer off, get in bed and just chill. about 10 minutes i was back to my normal high and relaxin.
  2. Welcome to the city, and it seems like that wasn't a fun experience. If you smoke too much you can get anxious which could lead to a panic attack but the good thing about cannabis is if you smoke too much and get too high, the peak only lasts 20 minutes or so then you should calm down.
  3. Agreed. Classic panic attack. Some people experience them regardless of whether or not they have ingested any certain type of substance.

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  4. Thnx for the welcome and yea it was ur run of the mill panic attack. lol. Speaking of stories like that, whats the worst weed experienced yal had?
  5. Sorry, and no offense, but I don't want to talk about it. :)
  6. ive freaked out bad before, when i first started smoking. but after like 5 minutes i was fine. its all in your head. just dont push the limit anymore haha.

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