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  1.  A big hello to all of my fellow growers and enjoyers of Mother Natures Meds. Ive been endulging in MNM'S for quite some time now and use to dabble in growing but nothing serious until 6 yrs ago when I was diagnosed with a brain disease that causes me to have daily headaches(everyday for the past 6 yrs) and then an occational migrane. I refused to let this thing get the best of me so I started out on a quest to find the best strains to fit my illness. So over the past 6 yrs Ive grown a few yeilds until I found one that is awsome for me. I started growing in soil, indoors in a closet but slowly ran out of room with clothes and all so now I grow in a 4x4x7 grow tent using a 600w adjustable ballast and 8'' aircooled circular reflector . Ive also changed from soil to aeroponics system which to me is the best and fastest way to grow imo. Im currently growing BCGod Bud and from talking to different ppl is one of the better pain killer strains out there. Ill let you know soon enough lol. One thing I have to add before I end this is that I dont smoke either(shocker lol) I make Butter and THC enriched Olive Oil. I find its a cleaner and much more of a body high to soot my needs. Well thats it for now. I look forward to meeting all of you and both learning and sharing different technics. And remember, You cant keep it if you dont give it away. Grow Happy and Be safe. Later, tim5360


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