Hi from CA

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  1. I'm new. Nice to meet you all!

    a little about me: My favorite strand is super silver haze and 9/10 times i will choose sativa over indica. I like bubblers a lot, but they are a pain to clean.

    Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill are the best shows ever! :hello:

    I am familiar with Grass City and finally made an account to share, laugh, and learn all that there is to this wonderful forum.
  2. U from Cali ?
  3. Hello fellow LA'er.

    Sativas are tasty.

  4. Sativas are definitely tasty. I also like working out and running while baked out of my mind.

    Yep. LA areas
  5. Nice orange county
  6. Mike Judge rocks.

    Welcome cali-toker... without gettin all crazy specific, what part of LA you from? IE here... born and raised, then ran as fast as I could to get out of there lol. Central Coast atm, so much to love about LA... so much to Hate too...

    Anyways, welcome man.

  7. Hey there.

    I live near east la and was raised elsewhere.

    So I'm actually quite the opposite of running away from LA haha.

    LA has a very professional type atmosphere, which makes for a very unique vibe. You meet really diverse people in that regards.. i dig i dig...

    I wanna visit central CA. Heard its chill like surfboard and ocean playin' (in some areas)
  8. Working out and running while baked pretty much sums up last summer for me! I get so motivated!
  9. [quote name='"TheDankDude"']
    Working out and running while baked pretty much sums up last summer for me! I get so motivated![/quote]

    Ahhh then you know what'sup lol.

    Right now I'm doing pure cardiovascular to tone up. It's nice to be alive right now.
  10. Right on! I've been doing a lot of at home work outs recently.
  11. Welcome! San Bernardino County here.
  12. What up! welcome to the city! All over california here!!
  13. What's up Cali smokers. I'm in the I.E. SoCal!!!!!
  14. Visit the coast, stay the hell away from the middle of the central state. Farm land, cow shit, and fuckin crazies up in the sierras.

    Coast is chill man, Carmel up to SC... love it:smoke:
  15. Hey Beavith :smoke:

    Welcome from a dude in the UK! I've been here for like 2 hours, and already feel at home. Well, I am at home, that's probably why. But the forum is cool, that's my point!! :hello:
  16. welcome....cali is da best
  17. whats up everyone sb county/ inland empire here
    bored af!
  18. whats up! la county here!
  19. What's up, fellow LA toker!

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