Hi from ATL :)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is Jam from Atlanta who is a newbie but learning quickly :)

    btw dont let the nickname surprise you. I am a dude :D lol

    24 male, in to PC gaming, cycling and photography.

    I saw another post from Atlanta maybe a couple weeks ago. It is good to know, people are enjoying life :)

    Stay calm :)
  2. I've spent some time in your fair city. First time I ever drove a car I was down at 10/14/17th and it scared the shit out of me.. haha

    Now, welcome to the site. Go soak up all of the glorious information and laughs that are presented. :]


  3. Drivers also make me crazy but still better then Miami and Jersey or NYC, thanks God :D
  4. Ive lived in atlanta my whole life. Good place :p welcome to the forums!
  5. Just moved up here too. You check out the Silver Comet trail? It's sick for cycling.

  6. Thanks! :) I am getting used to it. So many good restaurants, I may have to try all of them :D

    I discovered it a week ago (yelp) and I just got back home after a 20 miles trip :D Silver Comet rocks :metal:
  7. Yeah its sick. 20 is about as far as I have gone, but I have a mountain bike still, can't wait to upgrade to a road bike, just hurting on the cash flow right now. Enjoy it though. I heard it goes all the way to Alabama, which is pretty sick. My goal is to make it all the way out at least once, but I need a proper bike for that, my knees kill me riding this pos mountain bike. Where you at in ATL?
  8. What is up man? If your looking for just a pleasant bike ride, hit Peach tree city and ride around the golf cart paths that go all over the city! Easy to get lost but an enjoyable ride. Not to mention plenty of smoke spots! Yeah my fat ass needs I get back on the bike..... Tomorrow ... Maybe ..... We"ll see

  9. I will try to go the border, maybe at the end of the summer. I am not ready yet. I live in Sandy Springs. Where do you live?

    I may check this weekend. I need some weekend plans :D
  10. Just east over in Chamblee.
  11. Another native ATL'er here. Lived in Buckhead as a kid.

    I really don't know that much about the city. I'm a pretty boring person when I'm by myself. I'm into PC gaming as well, what games you play?

    Right now I'm on that Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3.

  12. Sorry I replied late.

    really close, I usually go there to shop or eat :) Nice place.

    I didnt play Mass Effect 3 yet, but it looks amazing :) I will definitely try it. I wonder how it looks when you are stoned. :D
  13. Whatsup , I'm by the big chicken. I heard they are makin a new trail that goes from red top mountain all the way to Woodstock its gonna be sick.
    Atlanta is the best, chillest city on earth.

  14. Wow I didnt know about the big chicken :) even it has own wikipedia and yelp page. I should visit someday.

    Look at the comment which I found on yelp

    Random but funny :D:D:D:D:D:smoke:
  15. haha, everybody knows the big chicken that's how you navigate Cobb county. When you give people directions you have to start at the big chicken or they will be lost forever.
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    i picked up my dam copy of ME3 2WEEKS AGO but ive had so much art to produce that have yet to even open it! T.T, ive been such a bad gamer forgive me C. Shepherd!! lol

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