Hi friends!.....or is it high friends?

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    Greetings from the great evil that is the dirty-south, USA.

    I am a first time grower and long time smoker.

    I have been trolling this forum for ages but only recently signed up.

    A pleasure to meet you all.

    Enjoy your smoke.
  2. High there. I like your signature.
  3. I found that quote this morning. I laughed. Very hard.
  4. My step sister used to eat raw potatoes. She's a stuck up little bitch though, hopefully they'll kill her :)
  5. hahaha! That was brilliant. I loved every word. Now for a bowl.
  6. Now I've re-read that sentence, all I can think about is Mr Potato Head with an erection sucking out her soul.

  7. Like a Dementor from Harry Potter? Shit that's some scary stuff! lol.
  8. I'm not sure if the Dementors had erections or anything. But their faces looked like evil vaginas.
  9. Best start to my day. Ever. This opens up fantastic new possibilities to the Harry Potter Universe.
  10. Indeed it does. Glad to see I brightened someone's day :)

    Evil Vagina = Hermione Grainger

    What a dick lick
  11. Welcome to the city, raptors are ill!

    I still say Quentin Tarentino should direct the last Harry Potter movie.
  12. A Kill Bill style Harry Potter would be freaking sweet
  13. That battle scene would be rediculous if he were to direct it too....he could come up with some mind-bending scenes!

  14. Who's the douche that's set to direct it?
  15. I have no idea who's directing the last one. I tried to find something on it but couldn't.


  16. It's OK man...it's OK
  17. An anus punching. My, my, you are an original one. I mean no slight by that either.

    Most likely this scumbag lurks in LA.

    Shall we use brass knuckles?

  18. I'm just a bit sick.

    Brass knuckles...I can accept this

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