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    If you are not 18 years old JUST CONTINUE READING

    How should i start ... Well first off I'm from Cape Town South Africa (such a lovely place [to grow cannabis that is]). I'm 19 been smoking for 2 years first some of what we call 'tarrie' [the cheapest weed but consists of 30 - 40 % seeds [obviously im exaggerating, but theres a lot of seeds and it costs like slightly less than 1 $ US per gram. [usually smoked out of a glass bottle neck after it is free from seeds 'gemas'{gher-mus(t) dont pronounce the t} as we say with some tobacco mixed in] About a year ago me and a friend decide to go to a rasta and check if he has better stuff and guess what i find Swazi Skunk for slightly more than 1$ like 10 Rand in our currency and my god is this stuff potent. Foolishly I go and smoke 3 bowls from my magnificent homemade bong in quick succession and what happens ... I found my true love and her name is life. I only smoke once or twice a week due to tolerance and usually smoke alone so i can search for life's meaning and eat like a pig corpse. I just like getting lost in my own mind. OmG FTW did I just say?
    Anyway i came on here to share a discovery i made for all you psyconauts[is that right?, fück it] out there, somewhere i will post it soon don't worry its not that big but i was high [still am] when i thought of this. Hope i didn't unexcite you too more or much less than i did wanted to. "Mind bender"

    That stands for playstation as in lets go play at the station. Oh Nonsesnse you say???:confused:
  2. Welcome to GC :wave::smoke:

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