Hi everyone !!!

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  1. Hi everyone, how are you ? :)

    I am a 24-year-old dude who lives in France. I stumbled upon this forum on google and decided to join given the number of members and the quality threads and posts. I do not smoke cannabis yet as i do not know anyone from whom i could get it but i figured registering here would help me have enough knowledge about cannabis before i start consuming it.

    Have a nice week, stay safe kids, peace. :)
  2. This place has lots of information, and I hope its a positive experience for you. Welcome!
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    ^^^ Thanks Ice !!!! :)

    Am i being naive if i think that people who consume cannabis are laid-back by definition ? lol

    Oh and i forgot to thank both the people who created/manage this forum and its members. Thank you guys !!!! :)

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