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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. aight, i never made this post b4, but here it is.

    Hello Grasscity,
    Im xplicitcontent, and im from tha hood. Ova here, i use tha public library computer i stole in my 20th floor of tha projects.all we do here is smoke weed, smoke dro, and play baskettball. I got a computer though so i guess i'll post. word!
  2. well SOMEones bored :smoking:
  3. tru tru, and im fucked up
  4. Sorry but it's against my morals to welcome someone with over 300 post.

    Have a very nice day!
  5. Gidday xplicitcontent,Mate I was just wondering if you could fill me in on some things.I'm an Australian and I dont understand some of your language.What is hood and dro?
    Or if any-one else can fill me in that would be good. No worries.
  6. tha hood is where hes from.And dro is hydroponics.
  7. Gidday greeneyes420
    No worries mate, Am trying to get a handle on this new language that young people use. Aussies have thier own lingo too.Here's a few examples.
    Gidday-Good-day/Hows it hanging
    No worries-Everythings going to be just fine/I can handle that/Dont panic
    Mate-Every-ones your mate until they rip you off
    Dog and bone-Telephone
    Pat Malone-On your own/All on your lonesome
    Pie and Deadhorse-Pie and tomato sauce
    Block-Carton of beer with 30 cans
    Slab-Carton of beer with 24 cans
    Takeaway food-Roadkill
    Sheila-Anything female with upright tits that smiles at ya and says Gidday mate!
    Goodsort-A sheila that you'd take home to meet your parents
    Anyway mate thanks for helping me out if you need any info-re:Australia you can find me here.
    See you when I'm looking at you

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